3/3 Copps Results

Sorry this took so long to get posted!  Last week was crazy busy as I was getting ready for a weekend getaway.  I had a fabulous time and can’t wait to do it again.  Glad to be home though as I definitely need to catch up on sleep!  🙂  Anyway, here’s how my shopping trip last week turned out….

I spent $36.48 for everything you see below.  I saved $67.57 (65%) with over $26 in coupon savings.  I did decide to get the ham meal deal as I found a smaller ham for $17.  I definitely wanted to spend less than $20 on a ham if I got the meal deal so that worked out great since the other free items with it were worth $14.  All of my coupons worked exactly as planned and I did get overage for all of the coupons that were above sale price when doubled.  And, I really did get two gallons of milk for just $0.46!  It was a super successful trip and I really wish they were all that good!

A few changes from my original list:

  • 2 loaves of bread for $1 each
  • Eggo syrup on sale for $2.49 instead of Roundy’s @ $2.50
  • Only 2 Jack’s pizzas instead of 5 (recently OD’d on the frozen pizza, so didn’t want to stock much)
  • Skipped Crab Delights and mushrooms, as the salad I planned to add them to was frozen in my fridge and had to be tossed.  😦
  • $0.25 bag refund, yay!
  • 4 bags of shredded cheese at $1 each

Had I skipped the meal deal, my total would have been just under $20, which was even better than my original plan, so I was very happy with that.  Now I need to figure out my list for this week!  Hopefully will be back soon with that list.


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