3/3 Copps Shopping Plan

Here are my deal plans for tomorrow at Copps.  They’re having Double Daze again, where you get to double 10 manufacturer’s coupons per $25 order instead of 5, so make sure to take advantage of that!  My list contains items that are good sale/coupon matchups as well as good stock up prices w/o coupons.

  • Meal Deal (not sure if I’m getting this… depends on ham size): Ham 1.99/lb., get 3lb. Butterball turkey breast, Hormel Little Sizzlers, and 1 dozen eggs FREE (total price depending on weight)
  • Lunchables, $1 each – (2) $0.75 printable MC (doubled) = 2 FREE plus possible overage
  • Milk, $1.98 (limit 2), 2 for $3.96 – $3.50 off milk from GM earned last week = 2 for $0.46
  • Eggs, price? – $1.75 off eggs from GM earned last week = FREE
  • Jack’s pizza 5/$10
  • Kellogg’s cereals, buy 5 get $5 off plus free milk coupon, 5 for about $11 – $1.50 off 2 Mini Wheats printable MC – $1 off any 3 Kellogg’s MC (doubled) = about $7.50 or $1.50 per box   **PLUS: $1 off next shopping order from Kellogg’s**(up to $4 possible if purchasing 5 of Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies, and/or Honey Smacks)
  • Kashi Heart to Heart, price? – FREE coupon from Vocalpoint = FREE (this is why you should join Vocalpoint!)
  • Birds Eye Steamfresh, $1.25 – $0.35 MC (doubled) = $0.55
  • Yo-Plus yogurt, BOGO – (2) $1 internet printable MC’s (doubled) = 2 FREE plus possible overage
  • Crest toothpaste, $1 – $0.75 MC (doubled) = FREE plus possible overage
  • Oral B Indicator toothbrushes, $1 – $0.75 off 2 MC (doubled) = 2 for $0.50
  • Crest kids’ toothbrush, $1 – $0.50 MC (doubled) = FREE
  • Roundy’s 8oz. shredded cheese, $1 each
  • Roundy’s bread, $1 each
  • Crab delights, $1 each
  • 8oz. mushrooms, $1
  • -$2.50 off total earned last week buying Betty Crocker fruit snacks!

Have you noticed the staggering number of possible FREE items this week?  It almost feels like stealing… almost.  😉  Definitely looking forward to this trip.  Not including the meal deal, I should be able to get everything for around $25.  I’ll have to see how big the hams are before I decide whether it’s worth it.  I don’t want anything too big and the smaller sizes are likely to be sold out.  There are, of course, other coupon/sale match ups available, but I am sharing the best deals that I see based on the coupons I have.  Common Sense with Money is a good resource for a more complete list.  I’ll try to post my actual results tomorrow night.  Happy shopping!



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5 responses to “3/3 Copps Shopping Plan

  1. I wish I could find the time to plan out deals like this. I usually manage to print out my Internet coupons, but beyond that and planning my meals so I know what to buy, I just don’t save as much as you do!

  2. ericah78

    You’re already saving money by planning meals and shopping for what you need, but you save even more if you do it “backwards”. If you stock up items at their best prices and then menu plan based on your pantry and freezer stock, you save even more. It’s a big change though and I still sometimes struggle w/ menu planning this way. Thank goodness for allrecipes.com for having a tool that finds recipes for the ingredients you have on hand!
    Here’s how I squeeze in the planning… when we get our paper on Sunday, I do a quick run through of the store ads, making a star by items that are good sale prices and items I know I have coupons for, and also items I know I need to stock. I revisit the ad later to make my official list and pull any matching coupons from my file and then search for internet coupons for other items. Sometimes this is spread out over three days! Being a busy mom, time is short, so I fit it in where I can. 🙂 When I go to the store I have my list w/ all my coupons paper clipped (in order, from $1 on down) placed inside my coupon file, which I then throw in my reusable shopping bags. I sometimes bring the store ad along as well in case I need to reference it for something. Hope this helps!!

  3. That just might help. I’ll have to try and incorporate this into my planning. Planning “backwards” will be a whole new way of thinking. Although I do it sometimes when I know that I didn’t make something that I previously planned, so I know that I already have all (or at least most!) of the ingredients. Thanks for the advice.

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