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Black Friday at CVS

There were some awesome ECB deals at CVS on Friday.  Unfortunately many of them were sold out by the time I got there, but I still managed to get some great deals.  Had I planned ahead a little better I could’ve lowered my total OOP to under $1 with an internet printable coupon, but I still did just fine!  Also, I had to get a raincheck on the Bic Soleil razors, as these were a big money-maker and were sold out.  So, I’ll have to make my $6 profit on those another day (pay 5.99, get 5.99 ECB’s, -3.00MC, limit 2)!!  I also missed out on the frivolous purchase of a waffle maker, but I’ll live.  Here’s what I got…

Clairol Hydrience haircolor: $8.49 on sale – $2.00MC = $6.49, earned $5 ECB’s

Playtex GentleGlide: $3.99 on sale – $1.00MC = $2.99, earned $3 ECB’s

Schick Quattro Titanium razor: $7.99 on sale, earned $6 ECB’s (here’s where I missed a $2 IPC, darn!)

L’Oreal Color Juice lipgloss: $6.99, earned $6.99 ECB’s

3 Right Guard: $0.99 on sale = $2.97

I had a $5off$30 coupon via email once again.  I also had $20 in ECB’s from my last trip, so after that and my MC’s, I paid $2.73.  If only I’d had that Schick coupon, my total would have been $0.73!  Oh well, I think I still did pretty darn good.  Not only did I save $38.50, I also earned $20.99 in extra bucks to cover my next trip!  Next time I will definitely do some more careful planning and see if I can get a total OOP under $1!


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Day of deals

Sunday was a big shopping day.  I was on a mission to find Christmas outfits for the kids.  We’re taking them to get portraits taken soon, so I needed to find something.  After walking through multiple stores without finding anything I liked, I finally went into Gymboree.  I don’t normally shop there because of the high prices.  They have adorable stuff, but I just can’t justify spending so much on clothes that are outgrown so quickly.  I had a 20% off coupon though, so I decided to see what they had.  Boy, did I ever pick the right day to stop in there!  They already had all of the holiday apparel marked down up to 40% off and had a sale offering another 20% off the markdowns.  Plus, I was able to stack my 20% off coupon on top of that!  I found some great holiday clothes and a few tops on the clearance rack for Emily.  Here’s what I got…

Red velvet dress, reg. price $49.50, marked down to $36.99, paid $23.69

2 Red sweater vests, reg. price $26.50 each, marked down to $19.99, paid $12.79 each

2 long sleeve shirts, reg. price $19.50 each, marked down to $11.99, paid $7.67 each

1 long sleeve shirt, reg. price $19.50, marked down to $7.99, paid $5.11

Total spent: $73.54, which is a far cry from the $169.86 it would have cost paying full price.  I love stumbling on deals!  Especially on high quality items like these.  This is the first time I’ve bought Emily a fancy holiday dress because I usually try to look for something more practical.  But she looks gorgeous in it and I couldn’t pass it up for that price.  To make my deal even sweeter, I earned $25 in Gymbucks for spending over $50.  For ten days in January I can spend those Gymbucks to get some FREE clothes for my kids.  Can’t pass that up.

I also had to do my CVS shopping of course.  I didn’t have any ECB’s to spend, but I had a $5off$30 coupon expiring that day.  We were in need of some AA and C batteries and CVS has a great deal on Duracell this week.  I combined that deal with the Glade deal running this week to hit my $30 total.  Here’s what I got…

2 Glade Candles, on sale 2/$5

2 Glade Glass Scents, on sale 2/$5 – (2) $1.00 MC = $3

Duracell AA 16 pack, $9.99 on sale – $0.75 MC = $9.24

2 Duracell C 4 pack, $5.99 each on sale – (2) $0.75 MC = $10.48

After my $5off$30 coupon and my MC’s, I spent $24.20.  Regular price for everything would have been $44.97, so the sales and coupons were a big savings.  Plus, I earned $15 in ECB’s for spending $20 on Duracell, and $5 ECB’s for spending $10 on Glade.  So, I have $20 ECB’s to pay for my next trip.  I’m hoping that there will be some really good deals in the coming weeks that will lead to some of those under $1 shopping trips that the die-hard CVSers are so good at making.

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Really expensive popsicles

Sunday afternoon we were out doing some shopping.  We were bumming around Linens N’ Things to see if there were any good deals in the store closing sale.  The kids were all tired from the long day of shopping, so we had two carts, with a boy in each one.  Out of the blue, Joshua started crying with his fingers in his mouth.  We figured his two year molars must be coming in and bothering him, but on closer inspection discovered that he was bleeding from the mouth and had a gaping hole in his tongue!  How could this happen?  The boy was just sitting in the cart, doing nothing.  Thinking back to the last store we were in, Josh did get a shove from Emily that caused him to fall and bump his head on a rack.  If he bit his tongue so hard that he gashed it open in that store, why did it take so long for it to bother him?  I wish I knew!  His tongue looked so bad we were afraid he’d need it stitched shut so we high-tailed it out of the store and went straight to the nearest emergency room.  Joshua kept chewing on his tongue as we waited, and it made me nauseous to watch him.  The smell of blood on his breath didn’t help with my queasy stomach either.  When we finally got to see the dr., he recommended that we do nothing because putting a stitch in his tongue would be a huge ordeal and more traumatic than helpful.  Since the tongue usually heals quickly he suggested pain management and soft foods.  So, the nurse brought us four popsicles, cuz you can’t give just one kid a popsicle and not the other two.  I got the bonus fourth popsicle, as they were in two-packs.  After the messy popsicles were finished they brought Josh some Tylenol for the pain and sent us home.  On the way out, Brian couldn’t help but remark, “Those were some very expensive popsicles.”  It really sucks to go to the ER and basically have nothing done, but better to be safe than sorry.  Josh had a rough night and ended up only being able to eat pudding for dinner.  He spent the rest of the evening snuggled with me in the recliner with blankets and his plush puppy until he fell asleep.  His tongue must have healed quite a bit overnight though.  He’s been eating a ton since Monday morning and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  The cut still looks really bad, but I’m glad he’s feeling good.  I’m dreading that popsicle bill…


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My son, the cannibal

Joshua had me in stitches last night.  He combined two of his favorite activities into one; naming face parts and pretend eating.  This resulted in a hilarious pretend cannibalism.  Josh, seated on my lap with plastic toy spoon in hand, would name a part of my face and then pretend to scoop it off with the spoon and then eat it.  I sat through several minutes of “Cheek!”, scoop, eat, smile, “Chin!”, scoop, eat, smile, “Eye!”, scoop, eat, smile.  He really gets into the pretend eating.  He makes a big chomp sound on the spoon and a gulp when he swallows, acting like his spoonful of air is really some satisfying meal.  He does this daily with Emily’s toy dishes and food.  The kids enjoy the pretend cooking and eating so much, we moved the kitchen set into the living room for easy access.  There are some days that I am constantly served pretend meals of hamburger with a banana and an egg, and other appetizing combinations of plastic and wooden food.  It’s always cute, and funny because they are not satisfied unless I pretend to eat every piece of food and empty dish that is presented to me.  But the face eating was by far the most hilarious so far.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  What a silly goose!

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NaBloPoMo fail

Well, obviously I’m not keeping up with my first NaBloPoMo.  I’ve just been either too busy or too tired to write.  Oh well.  It has motivated me to try and write more often though.  There have been many times I’ve thought about writing about something that happened during the day, i.e. something cute the kids did, and just never got around to it.  It’s so easy to forget all those fun little things that happen as they grow.  So, I will keep trying to write more regularly, NaBloPoMo or not.  It’ll be nice to have those memories to look back on.

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Tuesdays are tough

Survived another busy Tuesday.  Taking the kids and myself to the Y twice in one day, along with fitting in the chores and my work from home job in between is exhausting.  Spent most of my dance class this morning taking 5 little girls to the bathroom in two separate trips.  Football went smoothly and quickly though.  Then tonight, Basketball was exhausting as usual (the boys in that class are a handful!), but KinderGym was fun and more laid back with just three little ones in that class.  I really enjoy my job and the kids are fun, but going twice in one day takes a lot out of me.  I think it’s the dragging my own kids along that makes it hard.  It would be much easier if I only had to worry about getting myself ready to go.  I look forward to the day when I can just tell all the kids to get in the car and they can climb in their own seats and buckle their own belts!  Can’t complain too loudly though.  How many places can you go to work where you get free child care?  Not many!  So, I’ll suck it up and keep dragging us all over there, because; a) it gets us out of the house, b) it gives me a break from the kids, c) it gives the kids a chance to play with others and get used to being with other caregivers, and d) the Y really is a great place for me and my family.

We’ve been getting take-out every Tuesday when I get off work to save me from having to cook after such a long day, but we still don’t get to eat dinner until about 8:00.  Then the kids still need baths before bed, so they’re up a bit later than they should be.  Emily didn’t make it to her shower tonight.  She passed out on the couch while Brian and I were getting the boys ready for bed.  Just like her father, there’s no waking her once she’s out.  I can wake her just enough to get her to use the bathroom before I put her in bed and that’s it.  She’s getting pretty difficult to carry.  She’s so tall for her age and getting pretty heavy for me to lift.  It won’t be long before I can’t pick her up any more!  Now that all the kids are asleep, Brian is passed out on the couch, still suffering from jet-lag.  He keeps waking up really early in the morning, so he’s been exhausted at night.  At least tonight he was able to stay awake long enough to help get the kids to bed, so there’s a little progress.  I’m pretty exhausted myself, so I better get some sleep.  Got a little girl to wake early tomorrow morning so she can shower before school!

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Last week

So, last week, my hubby went off to Europe on a business trip.  I didn’t mention it while he was gone because, well, you never know who might be reading your blog.  Call me paranoid if you want.  I get that from my mother.  🙂  It was a really long week.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad until about Thursday.  That’s when the loneliness really took over and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  The kids were especially naughty on Thursday morning and at that point I was so tired of dealing with everything by myself that I actually broke down.  I don’t know how single parents do it.  After five days on my own, I felt overwhelmed by just getting through until Saturday night when I’d finally have my husband back at home.  My backup, my support, my partner, my best friend.  It’s amazing how when you miss someone, you realize how much harder your life would be without them.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  It’s been a long time since I hugged my husband as tightly as I did when I picked him up at the airport.  Having him away made me realize that we really do need to invest more time in each other.  When you have three kids, they kind of take over your life.  It’s easy to lose each other in the every day business of raising a family.  We’ve had very little time for each other lately and after our time apart, I am really longing for some time devoted to just us.  With any luck, we’ll find some time, some day soon I hope, to go out, just the two of us, for a nice evening alone.  We deserve it.  We need it.  So… why am I sitting here blogging instead of spending a little quiet time with the hubby now that the kids are in bed?  Well, it’s this little thing called jet-lag.  Brian’s still a bit messed up from the time change.  He managed to stay awake long enough to watch our beloved Heroes tonight and then had to go pass out in bed.  Hopefully by the end of the week he’ll be adjusted back to our time zone and all will be well.

Brian had a great trip, by the way.  He got to spend one day sightseeing in Paris and hit all the main stops he wanted to make; the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame.  He spent two more days in Lyon, France before heading to Germany where he spent time in Bremen and Wilhelmshaven.  He bought me a gorgeous oil painting in Paris, done by an art student there.  It’s a really romantic scene of a couple walking together in Paris, fall colors on a tree, flower pots by the shop doors.  I was quite impressed by his selection.  It’s exactly what I would have picked.  He also picked up some neat toy cars for the boys in Germany and bought Emily a replica of the Brementown Musicians statue.  I remembered learning about that folk tale ages ago, but couldn’t remember it, so I looked it up online and actually found a narrated story book that Emily watched with me so she would know the story behind her gift.  She thought it was pretty cool.  Then, of course, he picked up some German chocolates which we’ll save for their stockings since they have Santa on the box.

And now, I’m off to bed myself.  I’m still pretty tired from my week alone.  I tend to stay up really late when Brian’s away so that I’ll pass out from exhaustion when I go to bed.  That way I don’t lie awake wondering what every little creak and groan in the house is.  🙂  Funny how you don’t notice that stuff when you have your big, strong hubby lying next to you at night!


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