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“Super Bug Spray”

Monday, Brian stayed home from work, so we decided to get some yardwork done.  Brian went and picked up a load of topsoil to fill in a bed in the front yard that desperately needed to be redone.  When the boys’ naptime rolled around, it was time to get going.  So, Brian, Em and I went out to the front yard to begin hauling and spreading the dirt.  Emily has recently developed an irrational fear of bugs.  As soon as the first fly buzzed past her, she started freaking out.  She was screaming, stomping, shaking, and begging to go inside.  We really needed to take advantage of naptime, so we did everything we could to try to convince her that the bugs would not hurt her and she needed to stay outside with us.  After unsuccessfully calming down our daughter, we sent her inside where she stood staring out the window, tears streaming because she didn’t want to be alone.  I once again tried to convince her to come outside to no avail.  Suddenly, my brilliant husband came up with the best idea.  He asked Em if she’d like some “Super Bug Spray” to keep the bugs off of her and scare them away.  Immediately, the tears were gone and she was excited to use this wonderful new invention.  So came forth our spray bottle filled with water, often used to tame the kids’ bedhead.  It didn’t matter that she’d seen this very spray bottle on many occasions and knew it was filled with water.  All that mattered was that daddy said this magical bottle would protect her and she believed it.  That little girl spent the rest of the afternoon spraying herself, her surroundings and any bugs that dared get too close.  It was hilarious.  She was chasing ants across the driveway, spraying them and yelling at them to go away.  We convinced her that the spray was working to scare them.  She soaked the trailer, the wheelbarrow, the driveway, her clothing, all because it would keep them bug-free.  It’s amazing the silly things a child will believe just to feel a little safer.  I think it’s going to be a while before Emily will venture outside without her magical spray bottle, but if it means I can get her outside this summer, the little white lie is so worth it.  I’m even thinking of getting a different sprayer that I can label “Super Bug Spray” for her.  I think she’d really like that…


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First kisses and a clean room

Last night I got my first real kisses from the boys.  It was so cute.  Sam has been giving me air kisses for a couple weeks where he’ll pucker and smack his lips from across the room.  But last night, he actually came up to me and kissed me on the cheeks and lips.  So sweet.  After seeing Sam give a bunch of kisses, Josh decided he should give it a try as well.  I’ll have to hang on to those kisses for when they’re older and won’t come near me for fear of embarrassment.  The kissing lasted quite a while… Sam ended up kissing Josh on the butt at one point, and then Josh was kissing Sam’s face later on.  If they were older I might discourage this type of behavior, but at 18 months it is so darn cute!!

This morning when I was giving the boys a bath, I asked Em to start cleaning her room.  It was still messy from playing with her cousins over the weekend.  I asked her to just start with putting away her dress-up and babydoll things.  She usually won’t clean up unless I’m helping her, so if I’m unavailable, I try to just give her a couple specific things to start out with and make it less overwhelming.  She has never cleaned her room herself.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into her bedroom and found it completely clean!!  Save for one bucket that she had filled with a few random items, she had put everything away in the right place.  I praised her like crazy and wanted to smother her with hugs and kisses.  I guess this is just another sign that my baby girl is growing up.  Well done Em!!

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I mixed ’em up

Either my brain took a mini vacation as I was getting the kids ready for dinner, or my boys have the ability to teleport and trade places.  I called the kids into the kitchen once I had all their plates made up, saw the boys toddle in and head straight for the dog dish I had just filled.  I grabbed “Josh” and put him in his highchair, buckled, bibbed, and attached his tray.  Meanwhile, I was yelling at “Sam” to stop playing with the dog food.  Soon as I was done with “Josh”, I grabbed “Sam” away from the dog dish and got him ready to eat as well.  I served Emily her food.  I then got the boys’ things and served them.  Went and got my food, sat down to eat, looked at the boys and realized that Josh was sitting in Sam’s chair and Sam was in Josh’s chair.  Throughout the entire process of getting the boys ready for dinner, I did not once question which boy I was dealing with.  I “knew” who I was holding, talking to, etc.  Yet, somehow, at the end of it all, they were switched in their seats.  My boys are not identical, but there are times when they look an awful lot alike.  And they are dressed in the same clothes today, and Sam’s hair is missing it’s telltale peacock feather look today.  So, I guess I could have mixed them up easily enough, since I was more focused on getting dinner ready, than really looking at them.  But, I can honestly say, this is the longest period of time I have ever mixed them up.  My mixups usually last only seconds.  A quick double-take will usually set me straight.  But there was no doubt in my mind to make me do a double-take this time.  Either momnesia is kicking in big time, or my boys have superpowers.  What do you think?

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Runaway Sam

Today was Parents’ Day for Emily’s swim class at the YMCA.  So, I was able to go swimming with her, see what she’s learned, and go down the spiral waterslide.  Overall, a fun half hour bonding with Emily.  That meant I had to make use of the Y’s drop-in babysitting for the boys.  This was only their second time there, and both times they were not happy about it.  They’re not used to being without mom, so they both cried for a bit before deciding to play.  When I went back to pick them up, Josh started crying again, overwhelmed that mom had indeed returned.  As I was signing the boys out, I asked about bringing the kids back tonight when I have my last pilates class.  Usually Brian is home to watch them, but he has a work outing tonight.  During the discussion, someone opened the door, leaving Sam and Emily to wander out.  Before I knew it, Sam had toddled through the two sets of doors to the outside, thanks to people using the accessible power doors that stay open for a while.  Emily stood there, yelling that “Josh” was getting out.  Josh wandered out the first door as I went running after Sam.  Thankfully Em’s swim teacher happened to be in the lobby and yelled that she’d watch Josh as I ran outside to catch Sam, just before he reached the parking lot!  The boys are at that wonderful age where they love their newfound freedom in being able to walk, but don’t realize yet that they need to stay close to mom and dad.  And they hate holding hands.  Hence, why they are usually confined to the stroller whenever we take them somewhere.  Not sure I want to repeat that whole scenario tonight, but I really don’t want to miss my last pilates class either.  We’ll see what happens.

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