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Indiana Jones 4

This afternoon, my hubby and I went on a long overdue date to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  It was so nice to get out without the kids for a couple hours.  We even drove my husband’s car to the theatre, which I have NEVER been a passenger in because we can’t fit three carseats in the back.  When we arrived at the theatre, my husband reached out and held my hand.  It was so strange.  I immediately commented that I couldn’t remember the last time we held hands.  Maybe in the hospital when I had the twins?  Since then, there really haven’t been many hand holding opportunities since one of us is usually pushing the double stroller, while the other holds Emily’s hand.  Funny that something so simple suddenly seemed so significant.  I’m really glad that my hubby held my hand today.  It felt great.  🙂

As for the movie, we both really enjoyed it.  I think they did a great job keeping the same tone and feel as the original three.  Still had a lot of the funny little quirks and they did a nice job of tying Indiana to some historical references.  The story was pretty good.  Cate Blanchett was great as the Russian villainess.  It was also cool to see Karen Allen in the film.  I can’t remember the last time I saw her in anything.  Overall, very enjoyable and entertaining, just like the originals.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  🙂

Unfortunately the rest of the night was not so nice.  For some reason, the twins were really acting up tonight.  Maybe they were mad that when they woke up from their nap, we weren’t home.  Their aunt and uncle and two cousins came to babysit and play with Emily.  Once we arrived home, the boys were unusually naughty and cranky.  Sam was repeatedly stealing his cousins shoes and both boys kept pushing on the window screens and playing with the window cranks (which don’t work well to begin with).  I was acting as human blockade to the foyer area where said shoes and windows were located, but those little boys did everything possible to push past me and repeatedly get in trouble for the same things.  For a long time, they thought it was funny.  Then they decided that screaming, crying temper tantrums were needed.  I was so glad that bedtime came swiftly tonight.  And I was glad that my hubby took them to bed while I wandered off to the kitchen to “clean up”. 

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On Thursday I decided to take the kids to the portrait studio to have age-update pics taken of the boys (just turned 18 months) and shots of the kids for a nice father’s day gift for my hubby.  In theory, this was a great idea.  In reality, someone should have tied me to a wall to prevent me from even attempting this feat.  I foolishly thought that the boys might cooperate with the picture taking, as being in an unfamiliar environment might bring out the shyness.  I was wrong.  Sam would not keep still for more than .002 seconds, making it impossible for the photographer to capture a shot of him.  Joshua at first would keep still, but would only make a pathetic somber expression, not suitable for picture taking.  Em would occasionally follow direction when asked to sit or stand on “the red dot” but often ran into frame when we were attempting to get shots of the boys alone.  I guess she was trying to help control the boys, which I was obviously failing at.  The photographer politely suggested that next time I bring dad or a grandparent to help.  Duh!  Problem is, all of these people either work during the day or live 2 hours away.  Plus, I didn’t want to bring my hubby along, since I was hoping to take a nice pic to give him as a gift.  And, our weekends feel so short these days, I didn’t want to schedule it on a Saturday.  The photographer sucked as well, in my opinion.  These people spend all day trying to get kids to pose and smile, you’d think she’d have more tricks up her sleeve than saying, “boogah, boogah”.  She didn’t even bother trying props, which they had a wall full of behind a curtain in the room.  After much frustration and baby-wrangling, she finally got some smiles out of them by tickling them and quickly backing away to snap a shot. 

The boys did one cute (although frustrating) thing during the madness.  We kept trying to sit them on a little stool individually.  Most of the time they’d sit for said .002 seconds and run away, but when they would stay on the stool, they’d push backward with their feet and slide it across the floor.  Like driving one of their ride-on cars in reverse.  It was funny, and they were smiling, but it was impossible to take a picture because they were moving too fast.  It became an endless cycle of position stool, place child on stool, attempt to make child smile, child scoots stool backwards, photographer sits there useless, I grab child, reposition stool, cycle begins again.  Yeah, that was fun.  Somehow, we managed to get a handful of good pictures.  I hope it goes much better next time…


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Holy cats, there was an owl in my backyard!  I went to open my patio door and there was a huge brown owl perched on the deer feeder.  We have about 3 acres of woods behind our house, so we’ve seen our share of deer and wild turkeys, but seeing that owl was really neat.  Luckily Emily got to see it, but it flew away before I could get my camera.  I’ve heard the occasional hoot in the woods at night, but never thought I’d see one so close to the house.  Very cool.

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Hello world!

Here I am… writing my first blog.  I’ve been reading a few blogs lately and thought it might be fun to give this a try.  I’ve been inspired to write, mostly about my experiences as a mom, especially as a mother of twin boys.  And hopefully I’ll come up with other fun things to write about along the way.  If it turns out I’m not so great at this whole writing thing, have no fear, I will kill the blog.  It’s something new for me, as I’ve never been one to keep a journal.  But I think it will be fun to give this a try.  And it will be a good way to chronical my life as I stay home with my three babies.  I’m sure I can find plenty of inspiration through them.  They always find new ways to make life interesting.  🙂

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