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Strawberry Picking

We made our 3rd annual trek to Blaser’s Acres to pick strawberries on June 19th this year.  Last year we got there at the end of the season and the selection was not good.  This year we timed it just right.  There were big, beautiful berries everywhere!  We picked a grand total of 26.5 pounds this year!  My goal was to make enough strawberry jam to last one year and I’m pretty sure I succeeded.  I filled 19 pint jars and 8 half pints.  Last year’s jam didn’t go very far and we were so sad when it was gone.  Now we have enough that we may even have to give some as gifts!

The kids helping us find "good ones"

26.5 lb. haul

Hubby hulling all the washed berries while studying

Jam! Lighter jars are made w/ pectin, dark is w/o.

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Mailbox Freebies

Here’s another post to show you all the fun things I get in the mail now.  I never knew looking in the mailbox everyday could be so much fun!

Being Girl pack (came w/ FREE Always and $2 Tampax Pearl coupons that I used already!), Revlon lipstick, eb5 facial cream, Pantene shampoo & conditioner w/ coupons, Breathe Right strips, Old Spice body wash, Secret clinical strength deodorant, Food&Wine magazine

Playtex pack, Kraft flavored Mayo packets, child safety tatoos, Red Gold tote bag


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Busy Summer

I thought summer was supposed to be lazy?  So far, that is definitely not the case here.  I’ve started a new schedule at work for 9 weeks of the summer, working Monday through Thursday mornings, roughly from 9am to noon.  After that, it’s errands and trying to keep the house in order.  I’m taking some mandatory time for fun though, otherwise we’d spend way too much time at home, like last summer.  Thursday afternoons will find me and the kids hanging at the park w/ my friend Amy and her kids.  They all get along great, which makes it a somewhat easy and relaxing playdate.  Friday is my official day off and I’m hoping to spend most of these Fridays doing something fun with the kids.  So far, two weeks in, the Fridays off have been nice.  It does feel like a “long weekend”, which is what I was hoping for.  I’m going to TRY to chronicle the activities we do this summer to help me remember the fun times we had.

Our first Friday was spent at Pamperin Park, which we love.  We met another mom of twins there for a short while and it was nice to meet someone new.  We had a picnic lunch and then let the kids play.  She had to leave early so her kids could nap, so my kids and I stayed a while longer.  We had a little photo shoot so we could make a nice Father’s Day gift for Daddy (which turned out great!).  We walked along Duck Creek and saw two Herons hanging out in the water, catching fish for lunch.  It was a really enjoyable afternoon.  After the park we went home to cool off with some ice cream and a movie.

Unfortunately our second Friday was not a fun day.  We spent the day at home while our new furnace and air conditioner were installed.  Our AC unit decided it was done for good, and I was starting to suffer.  My asthma is really sensitive to humidity and with the warm, humid weather we’ve been having, I was resorting to using my inhaler a lot more than I’d like to.  Since our furnace was also really old and surely needed replacing as well, we decided to do the smart thing and replace everything at once.  In the long run, it will save us a little money and now we know we have a system that shouldn’t fail in the dead of winter!  It’s also a much more efficient hybrid system, which is supposed to considerably lower our energy costs.  I will be anxious to see what our energy bills look like this winter!

This week I have a moms of multiples club meeting, and I am running the program for the first time.  I decided to host a craft night and found a fun project for us all to make together.  I’ve been busy preparing for this also.  Lots of paper to cut!  I also spent some time labeling all the tools I’ll be bringing with me.  My scrapping supplies don’t often leave the house, so I tend to label things right before I need to take them somewhere.  🙂  I started making mine to show the ladies on Thursday night and will save at least one page to make while they watch.  We’re making mini-albums out of empty toilet paper rolls.  I know it sounds weird, but it is definitely one of the cutest “trash to treasure” projects I have ever seen.  I’ll try to post pictures when mine is finished.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend.  Our plans are still up in the air, but we do hope to catch some fireworks, get some landscaping done, and just enjoy the time together.  Maybe we’ll catch a drive-in movie and pick some raspberries up north.  Really not sure yet.  Hopefully we’ll get it all figured out soon.  The weekend is almost here!


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This year’s deck garden

After a successful first run of container gardening on the deck last year, we decided to do it again and add a few more plants.  This year we have 4 basil plants, 4 tomatoes, 2 green peppers, and 1 parsley.  The plan is to use most of the basil for pesto, which I can make and freeze in batches as more leaves reach a nice big size for picking.  The tomatoes will make some nice salsa again.  We also made pizza sauce last year, which I liked, but hubby did not care for.  So, we’ll be trying some new recipes this year as well.  The peppers are a first, so we’ll see what kind of crop we get there.   My parsley plant is getting huge and I have yet to actually use any of it.  I really need to start throwing some fresh parsley in my cooking!  🙂  I guess I can always use it for a fancy garnish next time we have dinner guests.  I’ve been debating trying to dry some of it also.  Here’s our container garden progress so far…

Here is the garden on May 31st.  We planted our pots a little early this year.

Can’t fit the whole lineup in one picture anymore.  I’ve had to space the pots farther apart as our plants have grown.  Here’s the garden on June 28th…

Parsley & Basil


Green Peppers

As you can see, I really need to use some parsley!  And I need to pick a bunch of basil & make pesto this weekend.  We already have some little green tomatoes on each plant.  The pepper plants have each had a couple flowers on them, so we should start to see some little peppers growing soon!


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6/30 Copps Run

Had a great Copps run today.  I did two transactions totaling $26.53, saving $49.80 (65%).  Here’s how it broke down…

Transaction #1

  • 2 Roundy’s buns, BOGO = 2/$1.05
  • Krunchers & Grande chips, 2/$6 – (2) $1 MC’s (doubled) = $1 each
  • 2 Jello Pudding, 0.66 each – BOGO MC = 0.33 each
  • Kingsford charcoal, 5.98 – $1 IP (doubled) = 3.98
  • 2 milk, 2.29 each
  • 2 Deans dips, 1.25 each – $1/2 MC (doubled) = 0.25 each
  • Kraft singles, 0.98 w/ in ad coupon
  • 2 OM hot dogs, 1.28 each w/ in ad coupon – $1/2 MC (doubled) =  0.28 each
  • Total = $13.48, saving $21.79

Transaction #2:

  • Popsicles, 0.87 w/ in ad coupon
  • Kingsford charcoal, 5.98 – $1 IP (doubled) = 3.98
  • OM Deli Creations, 2/$4 – (2) $1 IP’s (doubled) = 2 FREE
  • Nexcare tape & bandages, $1.88 each – (2) $1 MC’s = 0.88 each
  • 2 cucumbers, $1
  • Strawberries, 1.50
  • blueberries, 1.50
  • MM lemonade, $1
  • 2 activia, 2/$4 – (2) $1 IP’s (doubled) = 2 FREE
  • Reddi Whip, $2 – $1 MC = $1
  • Total = $13.05, saving $28.01

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Copps Double Daze, 6/30 AND 7/3

Did you hear the news?  Copps Saturday Double Daze have been extended through September 25th.  So, you still have the option to double your coupons on either Wednesday or Saturday.  Fun!  Here are some of the best deals this week…

  • Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Sandwiches $2.00 – $1.00 MC from 5/16 SS or IP HERE doubled = FREE
  • Oscar mayer Meat Franks $1.28 w/ in ad coupon (Limit 2) – $1.00/2 IP from  HERE, 5/16 SS, 6/20 SS doubled = 0.28 each
  • Johnsonville Brats or Italian Sausage 3 lbs $6.88 (Limit 1) w/ in ad coupon – $1.50 coupon from 5/2 SS = $5.38
  • Dannon Activia Yogurt $2.00 – $1.00 MC from 6/6 SS or IP HERE  doubled = FREE
  • Reddi Wip $2.00 – $1.00 MC from June All You Mag OR 0.35 MC from 6/20 SS if doubled =  FREE, $1.00 or $1.30 (Note: AllYou coupon code starts w/ 9 so this may not double)
  • Deans Dips $1.25 – $1.00/2 IP from HERE  doubled = 0.25 each
  • Yoplait  Original or Whips 0.50 – 0.50/6 IP from HERE OR 0.40/6 MC from 5/30 GM, 5/16 SS OR .50/8 MC from 5/16 SS, 5/30 GM, if doubled = as low as .30 each
  • Kraft Singles or Melt Downs 0.98 (Limit 1) w/ in ad coupon
  • Cool Whip $1.00 – 0.20/2 MC from 6/27 SS, if doubled = 0.80 each
  • Eggo Waffles, Pancakes or Breakfast Pizza $1.66 – $1.00/2 coupon from 6/20 SS, if doubled = 0.66 each
  • 12 ct Popsicle Ice Pops 0.87 (Limit 1) w/ in ad coupon
  • Kraft Dressing 14-16 oz. $1.66 (reg price $3.99) – $1.00/3 in store flier coupon PLUS 0.55 IP from HERE or $1.00 MC from 6/20 SS, if doubled =3 for FREE or 0.68
  • Wacky Mac Noodles $1.00 – 0.50 MC from 5/16 SS if doubled = FREE
  • Crystal Light Powdered Drink Mix 6-10 qt or 7-10 ct On the Go. $2.00 – $1.00 IP from HERE, HERE if doubled = FREE
  • Jell O Gelatin or Pudding .66 – BOGO MC from 6/6 SS = 0.33 each
  • Roundy’s Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns BOGO = 2/1.05
  • Coke 12 pk, 6 pk, or 8 pk selected kinds $1.98 each wyb 5 (Limit 5) Must have additional $25 purchase to get this price
  • Kelloggs Cereal, Bars, Fruit Snacks, Pop Tarts, Eggo Syrup, Cheeze-it crackers or Keebler Cookies/Crackers 8 for $20, Buy 8 and get a coupon for 2 gallons of milk (up to $3 per gallon) – $1.00 Wheatable IP HERE – $1.50 Wheatable IP HERE, HERE – $1.00/2  Town House MC 6/6 RP – $1.00/2 Pop Tart MC from 6/13 RP – $1/2 Cereal IP from HERE, HERE , HERE – $1.50/3 Cereal MC from 5/23 RP, HERE – $1 or $1.25/3 Cereal IP from HERE  – $1 Cereal coupon from 6/27 RP, if doubled = Final price varies
  • Krunchers or Grande Tortilla Chips, $3 – $1 MC, if doubled  = $1
  • Kingsford Charcoal 11-18 lb $5.98 (Limit 1) – $1.00 IP from HERE  if doubled = $3.98
  • Nexcare Bandages or Tapes 6-8 yard or 1-30 ct.$1.88 – $1.00 or 0.55 IP from HERE OR $1.00 IP HERE or 6/6 SS, doubled = FREE to 0.78
  • Minute Maid Lemonade, Limeade or Punch, $1
  • Nabisco Ritz, Triscuit, Chicken in a Biskit or Wheat Thins Toasted Chips $2.00 (Limit 5) – $1.00/2 MC from 5/16 SS, if doubled = $1.00 each
  • Blueberries, $1.50/pint
  • Strawberries, $1.50/lb.
  • Sweet corn, 10/$2

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Copps Run, 6/9

Stuck to the list almost exactly!  The only change was to add blueberries to my second transaction.  Forgot that the $2 off coupon was for produce only, so I used it to get the blueberries for $0.50.  My final total ended up being less than anticipated as I stuck to some of the cheaper cereals and some other prices were different than what was listed.  Here’s the final result:

Transaction #1: Total = $18.81, saving $41.26 (67%)

Transaction #2: Total = $24.43, saving $45.16 (65%)

Overall total = $43.24, saving $86.42 (66%)

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