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Sam’s Club

Sorry, no, this is not a deal post.  Just something funny I wanted to remember.  The kids have gotten into the habit of asking me where we’re going every morning since we always either go to the Y or out to run errands.  Today I told the kids we might stop by Sam’s Club to pick up a few things.  My son, Sam, looks at me puzzled and says, “My club?”.  Too cute.

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Wow, it’s been a long time…

Seems I’ve dropped off the face of the blogosphere!  The reasons for this are many.  It’s been a busy summer so far, as you can imagine.  The biggest reason though, is that my computer died over a month ago.  The motherboard fried and I am reduced to borrowing my husband’s computer to check email, facebook, etc.  Not too bad during the day, when it’s just me, but at night we have to share and that just doesn’t leave much time to sit and blog.  So, until my computer is back up and running you won’t hear much from me.  On a side note, I have been doing quite well w/ the grocery shopping, keeping my spending under $70 most weeks.  Copps has been good to me.  CVS has been very disappointing lately though and I haven’t set foot in the store in over a month.  Hope there are good deals again soon!  I’ll need to restock my shampoo supply.  That’s all for now.  Hope I can get back to regular blogging before the summer is over!

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