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Halloween recap

Couldn’t think of anything to write tonight, mainly because I’m too tired to really put any thought into it, so here’s a recap of our Halloween activities this year…

Foth Halloween Party: Every year, my mother-in-law’s company throws a Halloween party for children/grandchildren of employees.  This was our second year attending and it was a good time once again.  The kids get to trick-or-treat through the halls, decorate and take home free pumpkins, play games, and everyone gets free pizza and cookies for dessert.  The kids looked adorable in their costumes.  We went with a Nintendo theme this year, dressing the twins as Mario and Luigi and Emily as the pink princess.  People who were around 30 or younger knew who the boys were right away.  But, thanks to the political campaigns, many people thought they were “Joe the Plumber”.  I didn’t follow much of that story myself, so I was a little bummed that it overshadowed what I thought was a great costume idea for the boys.  We had to keep explaining who they actually were, which got annoying, but it was still fun.

Cuff’s Pumpkin Patch: We went pumpkin picking in Hortonville this year.  It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it.  They had a nice long hayride out to the field where you got to pick your own pumpkin (most of them were huge!), a mini-pumpkin, a gourd, and two ears of Indian corn.  All of that for only $6 per person and the boys were free!  So we got 5 huge pumpkins, 5 minis, 5 gourds, and 10 ears of corn for $18!  Such a steal compared to the places that charge by size or weight.  They also had a corn maze, hay maze, straw slide, play areas, and pre-picked pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  I also picked up a huge acorn squash there and just made it with dinner last night.  Soooooo good.

Halloween at the YMCA: I was really looking forward to this event, even though I didn’t quite know what to expect.  It was another opportunity for the kids to dress up and have some fun.  They really enjoyed the Rainbow Rompers set up in the gym and the carnival games.  There was a really long line for the bounce house though, so we skipped it, and the craft/snack room was so crowded that the only thing we could do in there was get Emily’s face painted.  So, we only did about half of the activities.  It was a really nice idea and awesome that the YMCA puts it all on for free, but it was just too crowded to really enjoy it.

Trick-or-Treat: This year we went to my in-laws’ neighborhood for trick-or-treat and it turned out to be a great idea.  Their neighborhood is perfect for trick-or-treat; the houses are close together with sidewalks out front, and a lot of people decorate and/or hand out candy.  There was one house that decorated their whole front yard and had over 20 carved pumpkins lit up.  There was actually a news crew there when we walked past.  Plus they handed out donut holes to the adults that were walking around with their kids, which was funny, and yummy.  🙂  The weather was great this year.  Finally it wasn’t freezing cold weather, so the kids had a great time.  The boys rode in the wagon and Emily and her cousins walked.  The girls didn’t last real long, so we headed back and let cousin Erik and Uncle Rob keep going.  Between our three kids, we definitely have plenty of candy in the house!  After trick-or-treat we had dinner and spent some time hanging out with my in-laws.  It was a really nice night and I hope we can do it again next year.


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Mommy’s little “helpers”

The boys have hit the helping stage.  They want to “help” mommy with the daily chores, which sounds nice, but when your helpers are two almost-two-year-olds, it’s more hinderance than anything.  Don’t get me wrong, I do find it adorable the way they come running over shouting “help, help” and push each other out of the way just to grab on to the end of the laundry basket and carry it down the hallway with me.  The problem is that most of the time, they want to help with things that are far beyond what they are capable of doing.  And, when I offer them small tasks that they can do, they don’t want to.  I remember going through this same stage with Emily, but I think its a little tougher with the twins.  They are both so eager that they fight each other for the opportunity to help, only to be told that they can’t help with mommy’s task, which leads to two boys in tears and a frustrated mommy.  The really sad part is that when they are capable of helping with the chores, they won’t come running to help.  They’ll avoid it at all costs.  Oh well… I guess I’ll have to get more creative with my chores to find little ways to include the boys, because telling them “no” is not going so well.

On a side note, I just want to say I’m so sorry to my good friends Bill and Olya for the bad news they got today.  I’ll be keeping fingers crossed for you.  I hope that a solution comes quickly and you end up with something even better in the end.  Best of luck!!!

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My tongue hurts

Had a cute and funny moment turn into a big ouch tonight.  I was getting Josh dressed for bed and he decided to run away from me shirtless.  So, in a silly attempt to get him to come back for his shirt, I pretended that it was now my shirt and I started to put it on my head.  Just at the moment when I had the shirt in front of my face with my head tipped down, Joshua charged at me and slammed his head into mine.  I swear, that was the most painful headbutt I’ve ever felt, and on top of that he made me bite my tongue so hard that it got cut in three or four places.  I don’t know if it was the angle at which his head hit mine or what, but I was instantly in tears from the burning pain in my head.  Josh, of course, was also in tears, though he seemed to recover a lot quicker than I did.  And Sam joined in the cry-fest, with some sympathy tears for the both of us.  I felt like such a baby afterward, but that really hurt!  I ran to the bathroom to discover my bleeding tongue, which still hurts.  I guess that’s what I get for stealing Joshua’s shirt.  Let that be a lesson to me!


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Things I don’t want to forget

Seems like time is flying by lately and the twins are growing and changing so fast, that its easy to forget all those cute little things they do as they move from one stage to the next.  I thought it would be a good idea to just jot down a few things they are doing right now.

1.  Josh is my lover boy.  At the table during meals, he’ll say “Mama” to get my attention and then make a kissy face.  When I clean him up, he’ll grab my arm and kiss it.  And sometimes he’ll climb up on me just to give me a hug.  He really is a sweetie and I can definitely see him breaking a few hearts in the future.

2.  Sam is still the talker.  He tries to repeat anything you ask him to say.  Emily and I both got him to count to ten the other day.  He’s also trying to put a lot of two-word phrases together and there’s usually a pause in the middle, which is so cute.  It just shows how hard that little brain is working.

3.  The boys really love their books right now.  They sometimes request the same book over and over.  They’re even getting choosy, saying “no” or “uh-uh” as I list off book titles when picking out their bedtime story, until I get to one they want to hear.  Everytime I read Goodnight Moon, Josh says “hello” when I say “telephone”.  They get really excited about the bear sneeze in Bear Snores On (my favorite to read).  They always repeat the word “cheese” and say “na-night” when I read I Love You, Goodnight.  I love when they snuggle up with me in the living room for a story.  It’s a nice replacement for missing those days of snuggling warm newborns.

4.  Their pronunciation of words cracks me up.  My favorite is the way Sam says “uncle”.  It sounds like “Oh-toh” and he always uses a funny voice to make it sound low and rough.  Josh has a new one that I love as well.  When we pass the farm near our house he always yells out “Hee-Hee!” when he sees the horses.  They both call Emily, “Emmy”, which will probably be her name to them for a very long time.  We’ve used it as a nickname as well.  Neither of them can make the hard “c” or “s” sounds yet, so no “c” words yet, like “car” and neither can say Sam’s name.  They both call each other “Doshy”. They call grandpa, “bupbah”, and grandma is “bamma”.  It’s really funny when they get confused and use the wrong title.

5.  When the twins are giggling together, or when there is total quiet, there is trouble.  I absolutely love the sound of them giggling and I hate to end it because it doesn’t happen often between the two of them on their own.  But whenever it happens, it’s because they’re getting into mischief!  Just the other day, the cause of incessant giggling was dipping a found dryer sheet in my glass of water I’d forgotten in the living room, and then whipping the wet dryer sheet around in the air, sprinkling water all over the room.  Must’ve been a lot of fun, because they were laughing like crazy.

6.  They love their big sister.  There are times, of course, when she doesn’t want them around, or they get angry with her.  But, when they actually play together, it is blissful.  Those boys would follow Emily to the moon.  They just think she is the best.  They get excited when we go pick her up from preschool.  After a couple days of getting used to the routine, Josh stared clapping and saying, “Yay, Emmy!” as we’d pull into the parking lot.  When she’s swimming in the pool at the Y, they stand by the glass windows, yelling her name (and entertaining the other parents in the lobby).  They always have to say “na-night” or “buh-bye” to her at naptime.  I really hope that my kids grow up to be close to each other.

7.  Sam has this adorable sing-songy way of saying “buh-bye”.  It melts my heart every time.

8.  Josh has been singing.  Sometimes it’s just “la, la, la”, but lately he’s been singing the tune from his Little People School Bus, which is the same tune as “This Old Man/Knick-Knack”.

The boys are tons of fun.  I was so scared when I found out I was having twins and now I wonder, what the heck was I afraid of?  I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  They are truly two bundles of joy with their own unique little personalities.  I can’t believe they are about to turn 2 in just over a month.  They really do grow too fast.  Pretty soon we’ll be on to speaking in phrases and potty training!  I look forward to all the changes ahead, but there are definitely days when I wish they could stay little just a bit longer.

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Pass it on…

The boys did the cutest thing the other day.  I was in the kitchen, getting things ready for breakfast.  I opened the gate, where Josh was waiting, and told him it was time for breakfast.  Instead of running into the kitchen, as expected, Josh ran to the living room doorway yelling “Ea, ea, ea!!”, waving his arm motioning his siblings to the kitchen.  I was instantly amazed and laughing at how cute this was, when Sam jumped in.  He came running out of the living room, following Josh back toward the kitchen, when he stopped, turned back toward the living room and yelled, “Eeemmmyyy!!  Ea!!!”  At this point I was cracking up.  That was definitely the most direct communication I have seen between the kids so far.  I can’t believe how fast my little boys are growing up.

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Singing Sons

The boys have recently taken an interest in music.  Sam was the first to start “requesting” songs.  He would try to imitate the hand gestures for Itsy Bitsy Spider and sing a couple notes to let me know he wanted me to sing it.  He also figured out he could do a few notes from the alphabet song, making noises that sounded a bit like “A, B, C” to get me to sing that one as well.  Now Josh has joined in by requesting Baa Baa Black Sheep.  He sings “baa, baa, baa, baa” to the tune of the first few notes of the song.  Seems I have some musical kids on my hands.  Sam also loves to dance.  He and Emily will have dance parties in her bedroom.  Emily will turn on her Pinkie Pie (robot My Little Pony that moves and sings obnoxious songs) and the two of them will dance all over the room.  Sam’s dancing mainly consists of spinning around but he also has a couple other moves.  One involves walking with one foot flat and the other on tip-toe.  Another is sort of a slow bounce where he’ll crouch down and stand up repeatedly while walking around the room.  So cute and so fun to watch.  Sam’s singing of Itsy Bitsy Spider has gotten to the point of sounding like “Ih, Bih, Ida”, which I think is pretty impressive at this point.  Emily loves to sing as well, and has on several occasions “cheered up” her brothers by singing songs at the dinner table when they get cranky.  I’ve always loved music, so to have three kids show interest as well is so exciting to me.  We’ll see when they’re older if there’s any interest in playing instruments.  Maybe by then, mom will have had time to start playing viola again… maybe.

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It’s been a busy summer…

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post.  Like most of my projects, I got off to a good start and then stalled for a while.  Things have been pretty busy around here though, so I guess that is my excuse.  Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to…

June 21-29 was our vacation.  Brian took off that week and we had a whole list of things we wanted to do.  We kicked off our vacation with a weekend in Wabeno visiting Brian’s parents.  Overall it was an okay weekend.  We had a nice visit and enjoyed Saturday’s cookout and campfire, but there were a few hiccups along the way.  I never sleep well the first night, but luckily I made up for it by sharing the boys’ nap on Saturday.  Saturday night Brian got a call from work that there were major network problems that had to be resolved by Monday, so that meant he had to work when we got home on Sunday.  And, all three kids got sick as the day progressed on Sunday.  When we got home Sunday night it was apparent that Monday would be a total loss, and it was.  The boys had fevers, Emily was coughing, and we pretty much spent the day trying to keep everyone comfortable.  Monday was also our anniversary, but no celebrating for us.  Tuesday the kids were doing a little better, so we ran some errands and got some shopping done.  Wednesday, we were finally able to start tackling that list we’d made.  We spent the afternoon digging up the grass where we put the kids’ new playhouse, so we could put rubber mulch chips down to make a nice play area.  After that, we headed down to Appleton to meet up with Brian’s brother and his family at the mall.  We had dinner, did some shopping, and then brought our niece Allie home with us.  (Brian surprised me with ruby earrings and necklace that he picked up at the mall for our anniversary!).  Thursday we took the 4 kids to Bay Beach Amusement Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.  Bringing Allie along was a great idea.  The girls had a lot of fun going on all the kiddie rides together.  Brian and I were able to take all the kids on the helicopter ride and the train.  The kids also had a great time in the wading pool, which was the boys’ first intro to swimming.  When we got done at the amusement park, we headed over to the sanctuary to see a few of the animals there.  We didn’t stay long since everyone was pretty tired, but we did get to see a lot of cool animals, including a pregnant cougar lounging in a hammock.  Then it was back to Appleton to drop off Allie.  Friday was just a relaxing day at home.  We originally planned to go to the Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, but Thursday wore us out.  Saturday we headed downtown to the farmers market and then walked down Broadway to check out a couple shops.  Then out to Titletown Brewing Company for lunch.  Over the course of the weekend, Brian made a couple birdhouses, which Emily and I then painted.  It was a nice week, even though we didn’t get to everything that was on our list. 

Last week was a busy one as well.  Tuesday, we had our first official playdate.  I took the kids up to Memorial Park in Pulaski to meet up with a gal I’d met at GBAMOM and her three kids.  It was a gorgeous day.  The kids all played nicely at the park and then we had a picnic lunch.  It was nice to hang out with another mom of twins and it turns out we have a lot in common, so I’m hoping we’ll do it again soon!  Friday we met up with another family at Fire over the Fox.  Chad works with Brian and he and his wife have four kids (ages 4, 3, 22mo., and 9mo.!!).  We walked around a bit, managed to have dinner at a restaurant with 7 kids, and walked a bit more.  We came to realize that the kids were not going to last another 2 hours waiting to see the fireworks, so we all headed back to our house to hang out.  Emily had lots of fun playing with her new friends and we parents got to chat a bit and relax.  Saturday we had Brian’s brother and his family up to our house for the day.  We all went strawberry picking after lunch.  I picked 10lbs. of berries, which on Monday I made into 4 jars of jam, strawberry bread, strawberry peach cobbler, and a few in the freezer to make ice cream later!  We grilled shish-ka-bobs for dinner and just hung out.  Sunday we went down to New Berlin to visit my family.  My parents watched the kids while Brian and I went out for a nice lunch.  When we returned, my brother and sister had arrived, so we all sat out in the backyard.  Mom had a huge pile of waterguns and a bucket of water, so many watergun fights ensued.  It was a lot of fun.  More grilled goodies for dinner.  It was a very busy, very fun (and yummy!) weekend.

So, that’s what’s been keeping me away from the blog.  I’ll try to write more often…  I hope.  🙂

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