Our Busy Summer Continues

Seeing as August is somehow half over already (eek!), I think it’s time for another re-cap.  Only 2 weeks to go until school starts.  I can’t believe it.  Here’s what we’ve been up to since I left off on August 1st.

  • The first week of August was CRAZY busy for me.  I somehow didn’t realize how much I had planned all in one week.  First, I had a deadline to get the GBAMOM newsletter done, which ended up being a day late.  I had an extra dog staying with us for two days.  Thursday was our usual park playdate.  Then I helped give a couponing presentation at the GBAMOM meeting on Thursday night, which went pretty well.  Spent much of the week’s “free” time shopping and prepping for Sunday’s GBAMOM Summer Family Picnic, which included a trip to the park on Friday w/ the kids, taking pictures of things around the park for a digital photo scavenger hunt.  Lots going on, but in the end it was all worth it.
  • Saturday, August 7 – Packers Family Night.  Our first ever.  We skipped the early activities and chose to head over to Lambeau after dinner.  That worked out well for me as I spent much of the day Saturday preparing food and treat bags for Sunday.  Took us a while to find a place to park and it was a good trek, but at least it was free street parking.  We arrived just in time to see the Packers come out on the field for drills.  After that there was an Oneida performance (Friendship dance, I believe).  Then it was scrimmage time!  National anthem, flags, player and coach intros, etc.  Took lots of good pictures.  The kids had a lot of fun, but the boys definitely got bored pretty quick.  They don’t have the attention span yet to actually watch what’s happening on the field.  I had fun trying to explain some of it to Emily and watching her copy my cheers and comments.  It’s so funny how much our kids model our own behavior!  The kids knew that there were fireworks following the game, so there were MANY questions as to when the game would be done and when it was time for fireworks.  After the game there was a LONG give-away for fans to receive player jerseys that were worn during the scrimmage.  Someone in our section won, but not us.  Better luck next time!  Finally the fireworks began and they were GREAT!  Even better than movie night.  I was really impressed.  Packers Family Night is really a great event.  We’ll definitely go again, but I think we’ll wait a couple years until it’s a little more exciting for the boys.
  • Sunday, August 8th – GBAMOM Summer Family Picnic.  After an early morning storm scared me awake the morning of the picnic I’d worked so hard to organize, the skies cleared and it was a beautiful day!  Got everything packed up in the van and Jeep and got to Pamperin Park around 10:30 to start setting up.  Hubby had a delay following us in the Jeep (still not sure what), but Dolly and her family arrived around 11:00 and started helping me move tables and get them covered.  Hubby started grilling around 11:30 and people started filtering in.  We had a really good turnout w/ about 10 families in attendance, adding up to over 50 people, and everyone brought food.  It was a really nice group and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.  I had set up some games & sports equipment & bubbles for the kids to play with and had a few organized games planned.  After everyone ate lunch (grilled burgers, brats, hot dogs), we all took turns getting a family picture taken and introduced our families to the group.  Us moms see each other all the time, so it was nice to see everyone’s families, and especially all the twins, which is what brought us all together in the first place!  After that we played two games.  I planned the classic egg & spoon race, which ended up being way too easy and over in an instant.  I must have picked spoons that were too easy to balance an egg on!  I had also planned for a water balloon toss, but for some odd reason, the water balloons that I had filled before going to the park, all popped at the same time.  Very strange, so that game didn’t happen.  Then it was on to the scavenger hunt.  Each family got a list of items to search for around the park.  They had to find the item, take a picture and bring their camera back to me to show that they’d found everything.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun w/ this game.  The first three finishers got a prize.  After the games, the few families that lingered enjoyed some birthday cake from Veronica for her son and spent some time relaxing & chatting.  Brian found himself playing a game of soccer w/ some of the younger kids.  All in all, a great day.  Exhausting, but so worth the effort.
  • Thursday, August 12 – Park playdate w/ Amy & Bitsy.  We had our usual Thursday in the park.  It was REALLY hot that day so the three of us moms actually spent most of the time in the pool too.  It was actually kind of nice in the wading pool, just sitting in the water by the edge.  Us moms chatted, the kids played.  We cut it a little short that day as it was just too hot and kids were getting crabby (moms too).  Only one summer Thursday left for the pool!
  • Friday, August 13 – Tall Ships Festival.  Brian took the day off, as well as the following Monday and Tuesday, so we had planned to do something fun on Friday.  After much debate we finally decided we’d go to the Tall Ships Festival at Leicht Park.  We waited until afternoon to go, as it was a bit rainy.  We timed it pretty well though.  When we got there around 2:30, the rain was just ending but it was still really windy.  The first ships we came to were not allowing anyone on because of the rocking.  The bigger ships that followed were still allowing tours, so we got in line.  It was really neat to see the big beautiful ships up close and walk around on board.  We got to see the Bounty, which was a movie prop built for a Marlon Brando movie (Mutiny on the Bounty), and has since been used in many other films including Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.  Gotta watch the movie again and see if I can pick her out!  🙂  All of the ships are used for sail training and had information about how you could join the crew on a sail and learn the ropes.  Brian and I fantasized about how neat that would be.  We got to go on a good number of the ships, but missed a few since we arrived so late, but thankfully the lines were not terribly long.  We heard they were much longer that morning and the rest of the weekend.  We stopped by the entertainment tent to watch Miller & Mike for a bit.  They are clowns who do some good juggling tricks, among other things.  Brian and I had seen them before in a more adult version of their show.  The kids got a kick out of watching them and I had fun watching the kids’ faces.  We toured one more ship before leaving, and that was the Unicorn.  Emily picked that one, of course.  Definitely a neat event.  Maybe next time the tall ships visit Green Bay, hubby and I can go on one of the sail away cruises!  I would love that!
  • Saturday, August 14th – Rob, Angie, Erik & Allie came over for the day.  Rob & Angie had Bullfrogs tickets to use that night, so we watched the kids when they went.  We just hung out all afternoon, then had a quick dinner before they left for the game.  I showed Angie how to make a cardboard can rotator since she missed Shelly’s party last month and traced up a template for her.  After they left, I decided to finish up another one for myself, so now I have two on my pantry shelf!  All the kids had fun playing together and stayed up WAY too late as usual.  🙂
  • Sunday, August 15th – Grandma L’s 90th Birthday Party.  Got to spend the day w/ Brian’s family celebrating Grandma’s 90 years.  The weather was perfect.  We all enjoyed sitting outside, talking to everyone, and eating all the yummy food!  There were some really neat pictures of Grandma through the years.  It was neat to get a glimpse of her past.  She really seemed to enjoy her party and was grateful that we all could be there.  We are of course glad to have her with us, still doing great at 90.  Sue and her sisters are already planning for her 95th!  I told Grandma we’ll be celebrating the big 100!
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 16-17 – DRIVEWAY.  Ugh.  A very big, very time consuming, very muscle aching project.  Spent Monday filling cracks w/ crack filler (that just sounds wrong).  Spent today putting the sealant on.  It looks about a million times better.  Still needs a second coat, but that will have to wait for another weekend.  We needed WAY more buckets of sealant than our square footage required since it’s so long overdue and the pavement is so rough.  Hopefully that second coat won’t need nearly so much.  One thing we can check off our to-do list.
  • Side note:  Went to BioLife Plasma Services today to become a plasma donor.  Expected to be there for 3 hrs. for physical and donation.  Got through the whole paperwork/physical process and when the nurse checked my veins, she decided they were too small for me to donate.  The needle they use is pretty big so that the red blood cells don’t get crushed and she was concerned that my small vein would blow out if they put in a needle that is about the same size as the vein.  So, I got sent home after that.  She said I could try lifting weights and hydrating better to get those veins to plump up but it might not work.  Guess I need to get back to my workouts if I’m going to have any chance of donating.  What a bummer and a waste of a nice morning.

Lots of activities going on this week and weekend, but I’ll save that for another day.  Hope you are all having lots of fun this summer!

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