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Music and Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  It’s been a busy weekend here and I’m feeling pretty worn out.  Last night I played my second concert with the Manitowoc Symphony, “Romancing the Piano”.  The concert went very well.  We performed Rossini’s Barber of Seville, Gounod’s Symphony No. 1, and Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2.  We had a spectacular pianist perform the Chopin.  It’s not much fun for the orchestra to play, with four flats, a lot of rests, varying tempos, and long-held notes, but it did sound beautiful.  My stand partner for this concert turned out to be someone I knew from college.  Back then she was the UW Oshkosh Symphony’s principle violinist.  Now, she also plays viola and joined our section for this concert.  It was fun to catch up, even though we didn’t really know each other back then.  By last night, my fingers were pretty sore after three rehearsals, practicing at home, and the concert.  They haven’t had that much of a workout in quite some time!  It is wonderful to have the opportunity though and I look forward to seeing what we’ll be playing for the season’s final concert in April.

Valentine’s Day has been pretty low key this year.  I picked up some treats for the kids to give them this morning and they thought that was neat.  I also picked up a funny card for Brian and one for this kids to give him as well.  They felt very important signing their names and presenting the card to daddy.  I made some red velvet cupcakes earlier this week, which I frosted in white and sprinkled with red sugar and put heart shaped gummies on top.  Those will be a fun dessert tonight after the shrimp alfredo I’ll be making for dinner. 

We went to the mall this afternoon to check out some sales and get the kids some jeans.  While we were there, Brian decided that I “needed” a proper necklace to wear for my concerts and other special occasions, so we picked something out at one of the jewelry stores.  It was far beyond what I would expect and I hesitated to spend the money, but hubby took over and made the decision for me.  So, thank you honey, for a very unexpected and beautiful gift.  Now, I just need to go shopping for the perfect concert outfit to go with it!

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