More Summer Fun!

Our busy summer continues and we keep cramming in the fun activities!  I actually forgot to mention one in my last post!  Here’s a re-cap of the last few weeks:

  • Thurs. July 15 (missed this one!) – Went to Concert in the Garden at Green Bay Botanical Garden.  We missed the park that day, so I decided to pack a picnic and take the kids over to hear some live music and walk around.  Hubby decided at the last minute to meet up with us after work and we arrived w/in minutes of each other.  The area by the musicians was pretty packed, as we had arrived just after the start of the concert, but we did find a nice grassy spot for our picnic where we could hear the music really well.  They had speakers set up as well, to help carry the sound.  It was really enjoyable.  We listened to the Green Bay Symphony Jazz Ensemble and they were quite good.  I recognized the bass player; he’s played w/ Manitowoc Symphony too and was fabulous in our jazz concert in April.  Once we’d finished our picnic, and realized the kids were getting antsy (especially when Sam decided to show off his underwear to the people around us!) we decided to go for a walk around the garden.  We gradually made our way to the Children’s Garden, where the kids had lots of fun running through the maze and FINALLY braved the slide.  For some reason, they’ve all been too scared to go down the tube slide there in the past, but they all decided it would be fun this time and they were right.  It was a complete last minute decision, but turned out to be a good one to go that night.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.
  • Tuesday, July 20 – After I got done working at the Y, we headed straight to the NEW Zoo to meet up w/ Angie and the kids.  She had two extra kids that day since she’s babysitting this summer.  We had a picnic lunch and then headed into the zoo.  Angie enforced a buddy system and it worked pretty well to keep all 7 kids together.  Every time they’d start going off in different directions, we’d yell, “Find your partner!” and the kids would all flock back together.  A few highlights from this zoo visit:
  1. The lion cubs are just as big as their parents now!  Last year they were still small and really playful.  This year they still played a little.  It’s hard to tell which lioness’ are the cubs and which is the mom.  One of the cubs is a male and has the start of a mane.  It’s neat to see them grow up!  We did get to hear daddy lion roar loudly as dinner time approached.
  2. The kids all had a blast feeding the goats this year.  Emily is still a little timid about it and didn’t participate much.  The boys did a lot of giggling and dropping the food.  They would get a little nervous when the goats started nibbling and half of the food in their hand would fall to the ground when they’d back away too quickly.  So funny to watch.
  3. The new Mayan food court is open so this was our first time checking that out.  Last summer we just saw the foundations of the building.  We all popped in for slushies to help the kids cool off.
  • Thursday, July 22 – RAIN!  And I mean ALL DAY rain.  Not good for our park day, but Amy graciously invited us to hang out at her new house.  It was our first visit since their big move.  The house is beautiful and I have to admit I had a little house envy that day.  Even the kids asked if we could move to a new house!  🙂  Bitsy and Sydney joined in the fun this time too.  The mama’s were able to hang out and chat in the living room most of the afternoon while the kids all played in the basement play area.  They have so much fun together.  There was a lot of screaming and door slamming, but apparently it was all in good fun.  Boys were chasing girls, etc.  PBS was on the TV downstairs and at one point Lily and Josh were sharing a chair and looking so cute and cozy.  Makes one wonder if the same thing will happen when they’re in high school together.  😉
  • Friday, July 23 – Day Off/Fun Day didn’t happen.  Got a flat tire driving to the Sara Lee Outlet after Amy’s house on Thursday, so we spent Friday getting the tire fixed, running errands, and cleaning house.
  • Saturday, July 24 – Went to a family birthday party in Appleton.  It was a nice afternoon/evening hanging out with Brian’s family.  Once again, enjoyed the fact that the kids can go play w/ little supervision while we spend time chatting w/ the adults.  They had a sand box at David & Diane’s house, so that kept the kids pretty well entertained all day.  Lots of good food and a huge birthday cake filled w/ many names!  Everyone complimented us on how well the kids behaved, especially at meal time.  I’m proud of my little munchkins.  They really do behave themselves quite well around other people.  At home… that’s another story.  😉
  • Sunday, July 25 – Decided to go to Bay Beach Amusement Park and use up some leftover tickets from last summer.  Didn’t spend a whole lot of time there.  It was REALLY hot and we were tired from staying up late.  The kids enjoyed a few kiddie rides and the helicopters w/ mom & dad.  We skipped the train this time since the line was so long and building was very stuffy.  We spent a good deal of time at the playground, which we’ve never done there before.  Emily was a hoot, playing restaurant, making me repeatedly order and eat her make-believe cooking.  She was serving pizza, chicken, noodles, and some very interesting desserts, like ice cream supree which apparently consists of vanilla ice cream, cherries, and bananas.  After our short visit we decided we’ll probably go back on a weekday when it’s not so crowded.
  • Wednesday, July 28 – Got to hang out (by myself!) at Shelly’s house.  She had a party to teach a group of gals how to make can rotators from cardboard boxes.  With all the groceries piling up in my house, I wanted to learn how to make these and make better use of my shelf space in the basement.  I don’t really like stacking wobbly cans on a wobbly shelf, so this will be a great solution.  Also helps w/ the FIFO rule!  We had fun making our project and chatting.  Jill, Dolly, Vivian, Theresa, and Misty were there, so it was a nice group of GBAMOM’s getting some extra time together.  Thanks Shelly!!
  • Thursday, July 29 – Perfect weather for the park w/ Amy and her crew.  Kids had fun in the water as always and Bitsy and Sydney came along too!  The boys are starting to get more brave about getting their faces wet and going underwater, especially Sam.  Emily is having fun bonding w/ Amy’s girls and I think they’re enjoying her too.  Really loving the wading pool since I don’t have to worry too much about the kids.  They’re all loving the water and doing well enough w/ their swimming skills that they feel very safe.  I can relax a bit and enjoy the rays while soaking my feet in the cool water.
  • Friday, July 30 – The kids and I drove down to Appleton to Dan & Sandra’s house (friends from college).  Sandra made us a wonderful lunch and we took the kids outside to play in the sand.  Us moms talked couponing while the kids played w/ water in the sand, making rivers and pools and having a generally fun and messy time.   The kids got along great w/ Sandra’s girls.  The boys didn’t want to leave when it was time.  Sam was actually giving me a really hard time not getting in the car.  I think we’ll have to get both families together for a cookout sometime soon and do some catching up!  Can’t believe how much time has gone by since we last saw each other.  A chance encounter at the drive-in earlier this year produced a reconnection!  Love when things like that happen.
  • Saturday, July 31 – Last minute plans w/ Chad & Gretchen!  Decided to meet for dinner and check out the first annual Packers Movie Night at Lambeau Field.  What a great night!  We met at Old Chicago for pizza.  Hadn’t been there before and it was good!  Went to Lambeau and it was a long wait for the kids who spent most of the time going bonkers w/ each other.  Seven kids under 7 can get a little wild.  🙂  When the gates finally opened we found some good seats and waited for the big show w/ several bathroom trips and some snack runs for popcorn & drinks.  The show started at 7:30 w/ a Packers highlight film of last season.  Got to remember some of the great plays that happened last year.  Then it was previews and finally, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I went there not expecting much from the movie, more wanted to go for the overall experience, but it was actually pretty good.  Very cute movie about middle school and all it’s awkwardness.  The kids got a bit tired and uncomfortable spending so much time on the bleachers.  Chad & Gretchen headed out w/ their kids a little early as all were getting tired.  We stuck it out for the fireworks at the end.  The kids perked up and got really excited when the movie ended since they knew what was coming.  The fireworks started out a bit wimpy and we weren’t sure what to expect, but they sure turned it up a notch later.  It was pretty impressive actually.  The finale was really cool; all of the fireworks going off simultaneously were green & gold.  Very neat.  The kids loved it.  I had a huge smile on my face the whole time, snuggling Sammy on my lap.  I don’t really know why, but I love fireworks.  So glad we got to see some w/ the kids this summer!
  • Sunday, August 1 – Seriously, is it August already???  Jessica and Lincoln are in town from Florida (yay!) so we made plans to get together in Door County today.  Her parents have a place in Sturgeon Bay so the kids and I headed up there this afternoon.  After eating a quick lunch we headed up to Whitefish Dunes State Park.  We’d never been before but I’d heard good things about it.  It was crowded, but we did find a nice spot to enjoy the beach.  The waves were huge and they have signs all over warning about rip tides.  A small area is marked w/ buoys for swimming, but it was too crowded to go into that area.  The kids played in the sand and in the waves.  The water was a bit cool, but you could get used to it pretty quick.  They boys were fearless and kept walking out farther than I was comfortable with in the waves and I had to keep calling them back.  After a while the kids figured out how to ride the waves w/ their rings & noodles and had lots of fun bouncing up and down and getting splashed when the waves would crash over them.  We REALLY have to go back there w/ Daddy and go on a weekday when it’s not so busy so we can all play in the swimming area.  Lincoln was super cute.  Had to be a great sensory experience for him.  He loved playing w/ the shovels & buckets in the sand.  Great day at the beach and so nice to spend a little time w/ Jess while she’s in her home state!

So, yeah… I think we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy.  I don’t know why, but I occasionally feel like we’re not doing enough.  Crazy, I know.  That’s part of the reason I want to get our summer activities in the blog.  So I can look back on what a great summer we really did have.  During the week w/ all the hustle & bustle of work and errands, I find myself wishing we could be at the park or a beach somewhere.  I’m definitely looking forward to my 3 week break coming up later this month.  Two weeks to go!  We have some really fun things planned for next weekend and Friday is up in the air, so I need to think of someplace new to check out.  Can’t wait to get through this week’s hustle & bustle and get back to the fun!!

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a super-fun summer. I feel like all I do is run the kids to swimming and gymnastics on Saturdays and then spend Sunday trying to catch up on housework before Monday and the work-week comes. Really wishing now that I had not given up my Friday’s off. I have been trying to make an effort every night between picking up kids from daycare and Eric coming home from work to play in the backyard with Alex and Beth (weather permitting). That’s been a lot of fun and rather relaxing, actually, to just spend an hour goofing off.

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