Summer Fun

It’s been a busy summer so far and we’ve done several fun things the last couple of weeks.  Here’s a brief re-cap:

  • Brian took Friday, July 2nd off from work and we spent the afternoon at Mather Heights Park.  The kids and I hang out there most Thursdays, but they REALLY wanted Daddy to get a chance to hang out there too.  So we packed up all our swimming gear after lunch and had some fun in the wading pool.  Daddy had fun giving the kids rides, pulling them around w/ pool noodles (thanks, Amy!) while they floated in their swim rings.
  • July 3rd we took our first day trip up into Door County w/ my brother-in-law’s family.  It’s his birthday tradition, and this year we tagged along.  The weather was great!  We picnicked and enjoyed the beach at Bailey’s Harbor, where we also go to watch lots of wind-surfing/para-sailing action.  After that we drove up to Sister Bay, then back down to Fish Creek where we stopped at Not Licked Yet for an ice cream.  I remember going there as a kid when camping at Peninsula State Park, so I was happy to find it and enjoy it w/ my own kids!  Then we headed over to Orchard Country, where we picked Montmorency (tart) cherries and tasted some great wines.  I am NOT a wine drinker, so I was thrilled to find some fruity wines that even I could enjoy.  I bought three different bottles, and am most excited about the sparkling wine that I’ll save for New Year’s.  Then it was one last stop for Chinese in Sturgeon Bay before calling it a day and heading home.  We all had a great day together, and all suffered a little sunburn too!  🙂  Brian and I stayed up late that night pitting our cherries and making cherry sauce (for cheesecake), cherry cobbler, and chocolate chip cherry banana bread.  So yummy!!  And I still have two bags of them frozen for future goodies.
  • July 4th was pretty low-key.  Brian and I were both sleep-deprived and I wasn’t feeling well.  I slept in REALLY late.  We spent the day at home, relaxing, then went out at night to watch some distant fireworks from our driveway and set off the last of the fireworks that we bought last summer.  The kids really got a kick out of it.  We had giant 3ft. long sparklers.  Emily was afraid to hold hers, so I had to take over about halfway.  The boys loved them.  Sam was scared of the noise of the big fireworks in the distance, but once he saw how neat they are, the fear gave way to enjoyment.  We had two fountains, the same as last year’s.  One made big sparks that look like fish jumping, the other had a variety of colors and did everything from spraying fountains, to making sparkles & crackles.  Very neat.
  • Friday, July 9th was spent packing for the weekend, so we didn’t get to do anything fun until late in the evening.  We headed up to Wabeno after Brian got home from work to spend some time at the cabin w/ family and go to Steam-Up Days.  That night we popped over to Uncle Dave’s cabin where everyone was enjoying a fire, to say hello and let everyone know we finally made it up there.  Then we stayed up late playing cards and waiting for all the kids to fall asleep watching a movie.  They were up until 11:00-11:30.
  • Thankfully the kids all slept in until about 9:00 on Saturday.  By about 10:00, the girls were all ready to head out.  Emily, Angie, Allie and I headed into town to shop the craft fair where we bumped into Sue and Aunt Barb.  Sue bought the girls each a beaded bracelet, just like last year.  Then Emily and I got cute matching anklets.  I haven’t worn an anklet in years, but find myself wearing the new one quite often!  It’s too cute.  🙂  We shopped a few stores in town, then headed back to cabin to have lunch w/ all the boys.  After some yummy sandwiches it was time for the beach!  We went over to Trump Lake, enjoyed the sun and surprisingly warm water.  We brought the dogs with us this time, thinking they’d enjoy a swim.  Haley was only slightly interested.  Onyx had never been swimming before and was a bit nervous.  Brian & Rob took the dogs for a walk to dry off and then back to the cabin so we could spend more time enjoying the beach.  That night we had a big cookout at Dave & Sue’s, followed by chit-chat around the fire, and of course we had to make a few s’mores.  We stayed up too late again, playing another card game and letting the kids fall asleep w/ a movie.
  • Sunday we all went to the Logger’s Breakfast at the Am. Legion post and spent time at the playground waiting for the parade to start.  The parade was great this year, I think a little bigger than last year.  They threw TONS of candy and the kids all had a blast grabbing it for their bags.  Angie brought paper bags that the kids all decorated for themselves to put their candy in.  Then we went back up the hill to Dave & Sue’s for a short visit, some 4-wheeler rides and clean-up, before heading back to the cabin to pack up and go home.  It was a fun weekend, and over too soon, but we definitely needed to get some sleep after that!
  • This past Thursday we missed out on our park day, but I really needed to catch up on things around the house.  That left us able to plan some more fun for Friday!
  • Friday afternoon we went to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.  We started out by the bird area, but decided to check out the new path and rock landscaping that is almost finished.  We went through the new tunnel and followed that path across the pond to the Nature Center.  We explored inside then headed out to the wildlife refuge.  The kids loved watching the otters swim and play and got a close up look at one of the wolves.  The first time we’d ever seen one come up to the fence!  We walked back over to the birds, where we had to buy our bag of corn to feed the ducks and geese.  The boys are still scared of the geese and Josh did cry a few times, needing to be led away from a goose in his path.  Another fun afternoon and the kids all said they had a great time and can’t wait to go back there with Daddy.
  • Friday night we decided to use our TimberRattler tickets from a rained out game in April.  Emily got a free ticket and discount tickets for the rest of us through the reading program at school.  We decided to go on Friday because it was Family Night and there were lots of special events going on.  It was Fang’s (the mascot) birthday, so various mascots from other local sports teams and businesses were walking around the stadium, taking pictures and giving autographs to the kids.  Each child got an autograph sheet w/ pictures of all the mascots on them.  They had so much fun seeking out the mascots and trying to get signatures.  Sam & Josh got noticed by the gals who were with Ace, the Green Bay Gamblers hockey mascot, and asked to take a picture of them w/ Ace, because they were “so cute!”.  The kids didn’t much get into the baseball game, but I did have fun explaining a little bit to Emily about how the game works.  After the game, there was a fireworks show set to the music of The Beatles.  They did a great job and the kids LOVED their first up-close big fireworks.  I was so glad we got to see some after not going out on the 4th.  Then it was time for the kids to run the bases.  We filed into a VERY long line, which was very misdirected, but eventually got out onto the field.  Josh missed a step and fell down, scraping his knee pretty bad, so “ran” the bases being carried in Daddy’s arms.  The kids all had huge smiles on their faces.  They thought it was pretty cool to be out on the field where they just watched the game being played.
  • The rest of the weekend was a fairly lazy one.  We stayed home, got some housework and yardwork done, and also spent some time playing computer games and watching movies.  Brian took down a few trees today.  We cleaned that up and also cleaned out the wood scraps and rocks from under our tree house, so Brian can build a sandbox under there for the kids.  Not sure when we’ll get  to that project, but at least the area is cleared for it now.

The rest of our summer has much more fun in store.  I think we have something going on every weekend, now through Labor day.  I’ll try to update when I can.  Hope everyone is having fun this summer!!!


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