This year’s deck garden

After a successful first run of container gardening on the deck last year, we decided to do it again and add a few more plants.  This year we have 4 basil plants, 4 tomatoes, 2 green peppers, and 1 parsley.  The plan is to use most of the basil for pesto, which I can make and freeze in batches as more leaves reach a nice big size for picking.  The tomatoes will make some nice salsa again.  We also made pizza sauce last year, which I liked, but hubby did not care for.  So, we’ll be trying some new recipes this year as well.  The peppers are a first, so we’ll see what kind of crop we get there.   My parsley plant is getting huge and I have yet to actually use any of it.  I really need to start throwing some fresh parsley in my cooking!  🙂  I guess I can always use it for a fancy garnish next time we have dinner guests.  I’ve been debating trying to dry some of it also.  Here’s our container garden progress so far…

Here is the garden on May 31st.  We planted our pots a little early this year.

Can’t fit the whole lineup in one picture anymore.  I’ve had to space the pots farther apart as our plants have grown.  Here’s the garden on June 28th…

Parsley & Basil


Green Peppers

As you can see, I really need to use some parsley!  And I need to pick a bunch of basil & make pesto this weekend.  We already have some little green tomatoes on each plant.  The pepper plants have each had a couple flowers on them, so we should start to see some little peppers growing soon!



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3 responses to “This year’s deck garden

  1. Looks great! Are those jalapeno peppers? I “pickled” some last year and Jerry ate them all winter on pizza and sandwiches. I tossed them in salsa and guacamole too. We’re just about out so perfect timing! I planted even more peppers this year so I can make more.

    Funny story… I planted one tomato plant in a pot (it was an heirloom variety and I wanted to keep away from the others to save the seeds). It died. I have no idea why. So what is your trick? 🙂

  2. ericah78

    No tricks. We used miracle grow organic potting soil, keep them well watered, they droop when they get dry. Covered them when it got cold out. That’s it!

    Those are just regular green sweet peppers. Not sure how well they’ll do in a pot, but thought we’d try it. I should do some jalapeno’s next year for salsa.

  3. It looks great, Erica!

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