Freebies in my Mailbox 5/1-5/8

The past few weeks, I’ve been signing up for LOTS of free stuff online.  Thanks to using a reader (My Yahoo) and being a facebook fan of all the blogs I follow, I’ve been keeping up w/ all the offers a lot better and the results are starting to show up in my mailbox.  My friend Shelly has told me that her mail carrier is always astounded by the number of items she gets free in the mail and sometimes has to rubber band them all together.  Well Shelly, I got my first rubber banded batch of freebies this week!  🙂  Check out what I found in the mailbox this week:

I hope to keep the free samples rolling in, so if this continues I’ll try to share here on the blog.  I had taken a picture a while back to show some other freebies I’d received but that was before I really got rolling on the requests.  I had one good week back in March and this was what I got then…

I was really excited about the full size bottle of Pantene I got from Vocalpoint.  There are lots of websites where you can sign up to get free samples; Vocalpoint, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club being a few.  I seem to get the most when I follow the blogs that post when new freebies are available.  The blogs I follow include Money Saving Mom, Freebies 4 Mom and Hey It’s Free.  You can find links to these and other sites on my Couponing Info page.  If you want to become a freebie hound too, I definitely recommend using a reader to keep up to date on all the blogs.  My friend Shelly wrote an excellent post on how and why you should use a reader here.  Facebook is becoming another great place to get free samples and coupons as more and more companies are using it as a marketing tool.  Have fun seeking out some freebies of your own!!



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4 responses to “Freebies in my Mailbox 5/1-5/8

  1. Great post! Welcome to the Rubber Band Club!! 🙂

    I have been meaning to do a “What’s in my Mailbox” post for awhile but I always end up putting away the stuff before I get a picture!

    You should repost this on GB Savers!!

  2. Shannon

    It’s amazing what you keep up with. I did manage to get my free box of Mac & Cheese at the grocery store today, thanks to you.

  3. ericah78

    Will do, Shelly!

    Glad I helped point out a freebie for you, Shannon!

  4. Vivian Lawyer

    WAY COOL!!! Very inspiring…I got the U Kotex and the Farmland coupons – but not all of the other stuff 🙂 I don’t have all of my blogs/favorites on a reader yet – a summer goal (did you hear that Shelly?”)

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