5/5 Copps Run

Hey, I finally posted on the day I shopped!  Yippee!  Today I spent $20.54 for everything you see above.  I saved $25.41 (55%).  I got everything on my original list except for the Budget Gourmet meals.  They were completely out of stock, which was no surprise w/ such a high limit.  Didn’t need them anyway.  Just thought they’d be nice to have on hand when we needed something quick.  I added the chocolate milk, which was on sale for $2.50 and buttermilk to make banana bread this week.  Got the napkins and yogurt free, Kraft Meltdowns free plus $0.34 overage, and new sparkling Juicy Juice for only $0.50.  It’s nice to get new products like the juice and cheese for free or super cheap so you can try and see if you like them w/o spending a fortune.  Good luck w/ your shopping this week!  Let me know how you did!



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3 responses to “5/5 Copps Run

  1. ericah78

    Also stopped at Festival this week and spent $34.56 (saved 42%) getting a bunch of their sale items, including 3/$8.88 Pepsi/Dew. I usually wait for a better sale price on soda but haven’t seen it in a while and was running out. So, total grocery spending this week was right around $55. Not bad in my book!

  2. Not bad at all! Excellent I think! After reading yesterday’s post, I will have to give you a hard time about the Pepsi though. 🙂

  3. ericah78

    I did say it would be hard to quit, didn’t I? 🙂

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