Physical Fitness Update

One of the goals I set for this year was to become physically fit, more so than I’ve been previously.  I have to say, I’m doing pretty well on this one, but I could definitely do better.  Here’s the rundown of how things have been going.

  • I’ve been going to Zumba twice a week at the Y and have only missed due to illness.  I’m able to get through the 45 min. class without an inhaler (couldn’t do more than 15 min. w/o it last fall).  I’m able to push myself more and more w/ each week as far as increasing the level of difficulty for myself w/ the various moves.  My flexibility, strength and stamina have increased thanks to Zumba.  I can move in ways I didn’t know I was capable of!
  • Haven’t stayed on track very well with weightlifting.  I’m definitely still stronger and more toned than I was, but I’d like to get more definition.  Hubby and I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit here due to being so busy and tired that we just can’t seem to force ourselves down to the home gym 3x/week.  Hoping we’ll get ourselves back on track soon.
  • Can easily do a mile on the elliptical in under 12 min. now, without needing the inhaler.  Feeling like I could do more, but haven’t pushed myself yet as this is usually a warm up before doing weights and I don’t want to be up all night.  I’m thinking I should try to find some other time of day to try to do more of this.
  • Overall feeling much stronger.  I’m able to do a lot more and hubby is taking notice.  Over the weekend we did a lot of landscaping work and I was able to lift and wheelbarrow heavy objects up & down our steep hills, which I could not do last summer.  Also, I didn’t get sore after that long day of work!  I also didn’t get sore after 3 long nights of rehearsals and concert last month, which did happen the last concert weekend and all previous ones.  I usually get a sore back and shoulders, but not this time.  Guess holding that viola up for 9+ hours in 3 nights isn’t as much work as it used to be!
  • One problem. I’ve gained weight.  😦  I know that part of it is muscle that I’ve gained, but for some reason I’ve packed on a little around the middle.  I think I’m eating more as a result of burning more calories.  I’m hungry from all the extra exercise that my body is probably still adjusting to.  I need to cut back on portions and watch the junk food.  I have a Pepsi habit that I really should kick.  I usually only drink 1 can/day, but there are some days where I have 2-3 sodas.  Just a bunch of extra calories that I could easily do without.  I quit Pepsi when I was pregnant, so why can’t I do it now?  Just need to force myself one of these days!  I also need to drink more water.  I get headaches on the days I do Zumba and I think it’s because I’m not hydrating enough.

With all that in mind I have some mini goals to help me achieve the main goal:

  • Drink more water, especially on work-out days
  • Quit Pepsi (this is not going to be easy!)
  • Portion control (I know I’m overeating)
  • Get back into the weight routine
  • Try to find more time for elliptical and push past the 1 mile mark
  • Try to keep more fresh fruits and healthy snacks in the house, don’t over do the carbs
  • Get pilates in at least once/week.  So far have only done the video once and was sore for 5 days, so I know I was working muscles that need it!

I’ll try to update again in a few months and really hoping that the few extra pounds disappear in that time!!



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2 responses to “Physical Fitness Update

  1. Good luck. I know just how hard squuezing in exercise can be. Fortunately they offer classes at my work, so I now get in one Zumba class and one Cardio Kickboxing class each week over lunch, plus I took up a bellydancing class on Wed nights. Keeping on track is really hard when you’re tired. And kids tend to keep you tired all the time. I never have figured out how to make myself do workout videos at home.

    I also joined Weight Watchers at work to try and get off the excess weight. Somehow I’ve taken off 15 pounds, so hopefully as more comes off, I’ll feel less tired and more motivated. Maybe then I can get in those DVDs at home. Keep it up!

  2. I managed to gain 30 lbs since Xavier was born. *sigh*

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