Easter Fun

Our family had a very nice Easter Sunday.  It of course started out w/ the kids finding their Easter baskets this morning, although Emily had a little trouble.  She came to our room twice, nearly in tears, because she couldn’t find her basket.  Though still very sleepy, I got up with her and helped her look around when she finally spotted it in the computer room on top of a storage unit.  Sam’s basket was hidden in an old hutch that is awaiting removal from our living room and Josh’s was down on the lower shelf of an end table.  The kids had a great time sorting through the goodies in their baskets which included candy, summer clothes, markers, stickers, hair ribbons, and books.  They were all very excited to have their first piece of candy after breakfast.

After the basket excitement, I started baking a dessert to bring to my husband’s family Easter get-together at his grandparents’ in Appleton.  I made Sour Cream Peach Kuchen.  I’d made this dessert once before for a multicultural dinner at Emily’s school and everyone there liked it a lot.  It was a hit once again this afternoon, so I will definitely be hanging on to this recipe!

The kids got all dressed up in their matching outfits that I ordered online and looked super cute.  Got a couple good pictures, but am hoping to still take them for portraits, maybe this week.  I changed outfits three times.  Having issues with things not fitting right, but that is for another post.  🙂

The family get-together was a lot of fun this year.  We’re finally at the point where we can stand back and let the kids play with their older cousins and not have to hover and watch them like hawks.  We can relax and spend time socializing with our relatives whom we only get to see a few times a year.  Grandma and Grandpa H. gave the kids each a basket full of candy.  Then after lunch the kids got to participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Great Grandma & Great Grandpa L’s backyard.  The kids all had 14 eggs to find along w/ one toy each.  They had so much fun.  Emily can easily read her own name now and didn’t need much help.  They boys picked up almost every egg they saw, asking if it was one of theirs.  Maybe next year they’ll recognize their written names.  After that we walked down to the nearby park where all the kids played on the equipment and some of the “big” kids played tag.  It was fun to watch everyone run around, but it was super windy!  We headed back to the house and took part in another L. family tradition, egg pecking.  I had never heard of this until I met Brian’s family.  Everyone brings hard-boiled dyed eggs for their kids to participate.  Basically, all the kids go around challenging each others eggs, tapping either the bottoms (butt) or tops (head) of the eggs together.  The egg that doesn’t break is the winner.  Eggs continue to get pecked until there is only one left intact.  The owner of that egg is the winner and gets to take home the traveling trophy.  Unfortunately we didn’t win this year, but the kids really enjoyed it.  This was another thing that all three kids were finally able to do on their own where we could sit back and watch (and I could take lots of pictures!).

Overall it was a great day.  I love that the kids are at an age now where all three of them are able to participate in things and don’t need much help.  It’s fun to see them becoming more independent and interacting with everyone more.  We had some wonderful compliments on our family today, and one that really took me by surprise.  Cousin K. said, “You have really beautiful children.” and that just made me feel so happy and proud.  I love my family and I love great days like this that we can all enjoy together.


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