April Fool’s Dinner

At nearly the last minute, I decided it would be fun to make a silly dinner Thursday night in honor of April Fool’s Day.  My friend Shelly had shared the funny foods she made for her kids last year and it inspired me to play a fun food trick on my kids.  Even though it was getting late in the day, I decided to make some Jell-O for the “undrinkable” juice.  Very simple food prank… prepare Jell-O as directed on package, pour into glasses, add a straw and chill.  When you serve the “juice” later, no one can get anything up the straw!   A super easy and funny trick that ends w/ a yummy dessert.  My Jell-O hadn’t set quite long enough and I made the mistake of using large straws, so it didn’t work as well as planned.  I tested one out before giving them to the kids and thought that they wouldn’t be able to drink the Jell-O, but they proved me wrong!  They still thought it was funny and enjoyed their dessert after dinner.  Dinner itself was also a food prank and this one they fell for.  They really did think I was serving cupcakes for dinner when they saw this…

Turns out the cupcakes were actually mini meatloaves topped w/ mashed potatoes (some colored w/ red food coloring).  This one really got them laughing.  Emily picked up her “cupcake” and licked the frosting.  I asked her what it tasted like and she yelled, “Potatoes!!”  So cute.  The meatloaf cupcakes almost didn’t happen since I didn’t have the ingredients for my usual meatloaf recipe, but allrecipes.com once again came to the rescue with an easy replacement that tasted just as good.  The kids really liked the meatloaf and thought mom was very silly for trying to trick them with food.  I think next year I’ll have to try making Shelly’s pizza cake.  This just might become an annual tradition!



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3 responses to “April Fool’s Dinner

  1. Wow. I feel so inadequate as a Mom. My kids went to Qdoba for Easter dinner 🙂

  2. Fun!! Eating colored mashed potatoes really messed with my mind!

  3. I just might have to try this next year!

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