3/17 Copps Double Daze

Hey, fellow Copps shoppers!  Getting ready to post tomorrow’s shopping list.  I have a question for you though…  I’m starting to have more of you following my list, so I’m wondering… Would you all like me to continue sharing my personal list before Weds?  Or would you prefer that I list ALL possible coupon/sale deals and then post my own list w/ savings after I shop?  Listing everything would be more helpful for everyone, but just take some more time on my part.  So, let me know what you all would prefer.  There are other sites out there that provide extensive lists, but no one in our area that I know of, so this could be a good direction to go.  Anyway, please comment here, on facebook, or on Green Bay Savers and let me know your thoughts.  (Also, for those of you in SE Wisconsin, the Copps/Pick N’ Save ads follow a week behind the NE WI ads, so you can use the same info one week later).  Thanks!!!

This week there was an extra insert in the paper w/ some GREAT coupons, good this week AND next week.  I’ll note those coupons on my list with -SSC for Super Savings Coupon.  Here’s my plan for the week…

  • Brownberry Wide Pan Bread, $1.68 -SSC
  • Flour, $0.98 -SSC
  • Eggs, $0.78 -SSC
  • Imperial spread, $0.38 -SSC
  • Quaker Oats, $0.98 -SSC
  • Armour breakfast sausage, $0.88 -SSC
  • Tostitos, $1.98 -SSC
  • Mars candy, $1.98 -SSC
  • Baby carrots, $0.68 -SSC
  • 3lb. Jonathon apples, $0.98 -SSC
  • Ragu, $0.98 -SSC
  • 5qt. Roundy’s ice cream, $2.98 -SSC
  • Roundy’s purified water 24ct., $1.98 -SSC
  • Kemp’s milk, ~$2.50 – $1 MC (from SSC booklet, doubled) = ~$0.50
  • EL Fudge cookies, $0.98 w/ in ad Yesteryear coupon
  • GM cereal deal: Buy 6 boxes at regular price, get $10 off plus free milk coupon.  6 boxes at reg. price = ~$20 – $10 instant savings – (2) $0.55 off Chocolate Cheerios printable – (2) $0.75 off Chex printable – (2) 0.55 off Reese’s Puffs printable (printables also available for Total and Wheaties Fuel) = Less than $1/box after some coupons are doubled
  • Roundy’s english muffins, $0.99
  • Ken’s dressing, $1.66 – $1 MC (doubled) = FREE plus $0.34 overage
  • Go-Gurt, BOGO $2.99)  – $1 off 2 printable (doubled) = 2/$0.99
  • Suave deal: Spend $6, get $2 off future purchase.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Body Wash; on sale 3/$4.98 ($1.66 each).  Buy 2 Suave professionals – $1 off 2 MC (doubled), 2 Suave Kids – $0.50 off 2 MC (doubled) = 4/$3.64.  More savings if you use MC’s for $0.50 off body wash, $0.75 off deodorant, $0.50 off lotion, and/or $0.50 off kids body wash.

I have yet to do the math and see if I can do two transactions.  Hoping it will work out so that I can double 5 coupons for the cereal deal and another 5 w/ the dressing, milk and Suave products.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.  Happy shopping!


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