Copps Results, 2/24

Everything pictured below cost a grand total of $36.17 purchased in two transactions and I saved $48.19 (57%).  Yay!  This afternoon I did some math and figured out I had just enough to split into those two transactions so I could double 10 coupons.

Here are the highlights of each transaction:

Transaction #1:

  • 6 boxes GM cereals, $20.34 – instant $10 off – $1.25 MC – $1 off 3 MC (doubled) – $0.75 MC (doubled) – $0.55 MC (doubled) = $4.49 (less than 75 cents per box!) and earned coupons good for $1.75 off eggs and $3.50 off milk to be used next week!
  • Pop Tarts, 3 at $1.99/box (cheaper than advertised price cut) = $5.97 – $1 off 3 MC (doubled) = 3/$3.97
  • McCormick taco and guacamole seasonings, just $0.34 each after 50% off sale (got 5 total)
  • 6 Roundy’s canned veggies at $0.48 each = $2.88
  • $0.15 bag refund
  • $3.50 off purchase from last week’s Personal Perks

Transaction #2:

  • Gorton’s fish fillets, $2.93 at 30% off – $1 MC (doubled) = $0.93
  • 2 Johnsonville Beddar w/ Cheddar smoked sausage, $7.78 – yesteryear coupon – $1 off 2 MC (doubled)= 2/$3.87
  • Betty Crocker fruit rollups/shapes, 4 at $1.99 each = $7.96 – instant $4 savins – (2) $0.50 off 2 MC’s (doubled) = 4/$1.96 (less than 50 cents per box!) AND earned $2.50 off next shopping order thank you coupon from GM!!
  • Country Crock BOGO, 2/$3.39 – (2) $0.40 MC’s (1 doubled) = 2/$2.19
  • 6 $0.79 avocados = $4.74
  • $1.99 strawberries
  • $0.99 potatoes
  • $1 English muffins
  • $0.15 bag refund

I also picked up a few necessities, like bread, milk, and produce.  I ended up skipping the Chi Chi’s Salsa, as the mild was sold out.  I also skipped the $0.88 Westpac frozen veggies as the sale didn’t include the types I needed to stock.  If your kids like fruit snacks as much as mine do, today is the day to buy them!  After the thank you coupon, I got 4 boxes for FREE plus $0.54 overage.  Definitely looking forward to shopping next week with all my GM bonus coupons!  Also excited to make and freeze three batches of guacamole for a total of $5.76.  Anyone who likes guacamole knows this is a good deal!  🙂



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2 responses to “Copps Results, 2/24

  1. AWESOME deals! Good job! Thanks for posting this to GB Savers. You are inspiring people to give coupons a try!

    Did you make that guacamole that we had last Friday? We love guacamole, but I think I’ve only made it once. Do you have a recipe?

    • ericah78

      I did make that guacamole! It was just using 2 avocados and the McCormick guacamole mix. I think that tastes even better than the kind I make from a recipe, but that is just a simple version (add some salsa, lime juice and garlic to two avocadoes). With the McCormick sale and avocado sale this week, you can definitely make and freeze a bunch pretty cheaply!

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