The Results Are In…

**Sorry for the delay!  Meant to post this right away but didn’t have the camera handy to upload the picture and then life took over!  🙂 **

I put my Copps plan into action today (2/17), and although things didn’t go exactly as planned, I still made out pretty well.  Everything you see below cost just $45.96.

Here are the things that didn’t work as planned and contributed to my totals being slightly higher than expected:

Transaction #1:

  • Coupons for Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Ro-Tel (Con-Agra) did not double.  This is the first time ever at Copps where coupons that said “Do Not Double” actually did not double!  Usually they go through anyway, but since Con-Agra was giving me $5 off my next purchase in addition to the $5 in coupons I used, I can’t complain too loudly.  No coupons were doubled at all on this transaction, so my two transactions were kind of a waste of time, except that I used that $5 discount on Transaction #2 as planned.
  • I added a couple extra items I needed for this weekend, which came to $6.37.
  • I swapped out 2 Healthy Choice meals for 2 Kid Cuisine meals as one of my coupons didn’t match and these were $0.50 cheaper.
  • Planned total was $13, actual total was $23.62, a difference of $10.62.

Transaction #2:

  • I added quite a bit of produce for this weekend, as well as an extra bag of baby carrots (which are usually out of stock when priced at $1).  This added up to an extra $5.55.  Another extra item I needed was $1.58.
  • All chicken packages were over 1lb., so after my doubled coupon, I paid $0.85 for the package I chose.
  • All other sales and coupons matched, coupons doubled
  • Planned total was $14, actual total was $22.34, a difference of $8.34

If you shop at Copps regularly, you probably know about the new Personal Perks program.  They tell you that if you spend a certain amount in one week, you’ll earn $ off your next purchase.  My Personal Perks goal for this week was $70, to get $3.50 off.  According to my receipt, I spent $72.53 this week and reached my goal, even though I actually only paid $46.  Loving that it totals before sales and coupons!!  Overall, I saved $51.21 which is 53%.  I’m always happy when that number is over 50%!


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