Cake Fun!

I’ve meant to post this forever and finally getting to it now.  Just wanted to share pictures of the themed birthday cakes I made last year for the kids.  For Emily’s birthday in August we went with a horse theme.  She is quite obsessed with horses at the moment.  Here’s how that turned out…

The boys requested an R2-D2 cake for their birthday, being Star Wars fans thanks to Daddy.  🙂  I wasn’t sure how well I’d pull this one off, but I think it turned out pretty decent.

Can’t wait to see what ideas the kids have for me this year.  And hopefully I’ll post the pics in a timely fashion!  😉



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2 responses to “Cake Fun!

  1. The cakes turned out great! I also try to make special cakes for my kids, so I love seeing what other people do.

    If you’re interested, see the following links for the cakes I made for Alex and Beth this year, and Jenna’s from last May:

  2. ericah78

    Nice cakes, Shannon! The 3D panda was especially impressive. Thanks for sharing!

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