School Daze

My baby girl is in Kindergarten.  *Cry!*  Well, it’s not so bad.  😉  I did, of course, have  a short cry on her first day.  I was fine until that big yellow bus rounded the corner and was out of sight and I knew my little girl was officially off to school for the next 13 years or more!  The school year has gotten off to an interesting start though.  The first week of school Emily was so excited to go that she kept waking up 30 min. earlier than I planned to wake her.  I was so worried that she wouldn’t make it through the week, but she did great.  The second week of school was a little more bumpy than the first.  Emily came home one day and said that she didn’t finish her lunch because she was crying.  She cried during lunch and recess because she “missed mama so much!”.  I tried to comfort her and hoped that it wouldn’t happen again (although it did feel good to know that she misses me as much as I miss her!).  It happened again though, two days later and her teacher had to leave her lunch break to calm Emily down and get her to eat a little.  Oh boy.  Then came the third week.  This past Monday, Emily started crying and saying she didn’t want to go to school while we were out in the driveway waiting for her bus.  When the bus arrived she wouldn’t budge.  I tried carrying her to the bus and coaxing her on.  Her bus-driver and one of her friends were also trying hard to get her on the bus, but she wouldn’t let go of me.  I had to let the bus go and take Em back into the house.  Now we had a problem.  I had to call my husband, who ended up leaving work just after arriving (he has a 45 mile commute) so he could take her to school.  Josh was sick that morning so I wasn’t able to drive her in myself.  I had to call her teacher and explain the situation.  She gave me some tips and things to try which helped a lot.  She got to school at about 10am and cried when Daddy couldn’t walk her to her classroom and she was taken by the school secretary.  I wasn’t sure what to expect for the rest of the day, but thankfully it went well.  Emily decided that school is “too long” and she just misses being at home and is afraid she’s missing out on something that her brothers and I are doing without her.  Throughout the rest of the week, she got a special snack (chocolate teddy grahams) if she had “no tears” at school and had a good day.  Tuesday she started to cry a little in the morning, but got excited for the events she knew were taking place at school that day and did just fine.  The rest of the week, she got home proudly saying that she had a good day with a smile on her face.  Hopefully this means her transition troubles are over, but we’ll see how next week goes.  She’s still not grasping the concept of school during the weekdays and no school on the weekend, but I’m sure it will start to make sense after a while.  It seems full day kindergarten is a lot for a 5 year old to handle.  Her preschool was only 2.5 hrs., three times a week, so to go from that to five 7 hr. days is quite a jump.  I’m sure she’ll be settled into the routine soon enough though.  I know I’m still adjusting myself!


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