To-Do List Revisited

After checking up on my goals for the year, I also remembered I had a long to-do list I wrote, back in March.  Let’s see how that’s going also…

  • Catch up on filing and shredding old documents  Done, but they’re starting to pile up again!
  • Rearrange office to a more appealing and more functional layout  Done
  • Move old entertainment center to the basement (in the summer w/ hubby’s help!)  Done
  • Move console table to the living room and possibly sew a table runner or cover for it  Table is moved, no cover made yet
  • Sew curtains for the living room using silk panel from our old house  NOT done
  • Sew curtains for the entryway windows using sheer fabric (bought for the old house and never used!)  NOT done
  • Finish Halloween wall-hanging quilt BEFORE Halloween  DONE!
  • Quilt Americana wall hanging for the downstairs bedroom/craft room  Haven’t touched it yet (top is done)
  • Work on mini-wall hanging for my bedroom  Top is done, layers are pinned together, ready to quilt
  • Start playing my viola again (and buy new strings!)  Haven’t touched it yet  😦
  • Scrapbook  I’ve done a little; boys’ newborn pics, music stuff, 30th bday
  • Sort through kids’ old clothes and baby toys and price them for the GBAMOM Resale in May  Done, but now I need to get ready for the Fall Resale in October!
  • Plan our family vacation and hopefully a camping trip w/ some old college friends  Family vacation done, camping will probably have to wait til next year

Looks like I’m doing alright.  Hopefully I’ll find some time for that viola yet!  Also looks like I need to write a new list!  😉


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