Copps is da’ best!

Had a fabulous shopping trip this morning at Copps.  I actually did three transactions so that I could take advantage of several deals w/ double coupons.  The ladies at the checkout probably thought I was nuts, but do I care?  No.  I’m saving oodles of money shopping this way, getting the biggest bang for my buck.  Here’s what I got today, if you can see it all!


I spent a total of $85.24 and saved $95.55 (53%).  Here are my best deals…

  1. GM cereals, buy 8 boxes at reg. price, get $10 off and 2 free milk coupons; $26.92 – $10 off – $7.70 MC’s (after doubling 5 of 6 coupons) = $9.23, or $1.15/box
  2. 2 gallons Roundy’s skim milk; $3.78 – (2) $3.25 off milk from GM = FREE plus $2.72 overage
  3. Ronzoni Pasta BOGO sale; 2/$1.59 – $1off2 MC (doubled) = FREE plus $0.41 overage (I did this twice!)
  4. Quilted Northern tp (12 double rolls); $5.99 on sale – $1.00 MC (doubled) = $3.99
  5. Playtex Sport/Gentle Glide; $3.50 on sale – $1 MC (doubled) = $1.50
  6. YoPlus yogurt; $2 on sale – $1 MC (doubled) = FREE

Copps has a lot of great BOGO items this week as well as great prices on ground round and chicken breasts.  As you can see from the picture, I stocked up on a lot of meat.  They also have a lot of great produce priced at 99 cents/lb. this week.  I buy only 85% lean or higher gr. beef and try not to buy it for more than $2/lb., so I stocked up 9lbs. and already cooked up 3 lbs. of it this afternoon.  I also only buy chicken breasts at $2/lb. or less.  I only bought two packages since I still have some in my freezer.  The pork tenderloins were a BOGO item.

The freezer is well stocked once again, and so is my cereal shelf!  I’m not even going to bother shopping at Festival this week.  Nothing in their ad grabbed my attention.  I know I went over the amount I usually like to spend, but considering the stock of meat I picked up, I think I did pretty well.  Next week my mom is coming to visit and we have a lot of outings planned, so I may finally have an excuse to skip shopping for a week!


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