Great shopping this week

I haven’t made time to blog about my shopping in a long time.  I have a pile of saved receipts that I planned to write about, but since the death of my computer, I’ve pretty much avoided the blog.  Not sure when I’ll be officially back up and running, but this week’s shopping was just too good not to write about.

I went to Copp’s on Wednesday, with two transactions planned out.  The first included several items from UniLever which got me a $5 coupon off my next order.  My second transaction included 10 Kellogg’s items, which will get me the $10 Fuel for School rebate, once I mail in my receipt and UPC’s (which I cut off the boxes soon as I got home!).  My first transaction total was $21.96 after sales and double coupons.  I got a free loaf of bread and two free boxes of pasta w/ the mayo and pasta sauce I bought.  I saved $21.25 (49%) and got that $5 coupon.  My second transaction total was $22.04 after sales, $5 off and double coupons.  I saved $26.88 (55%) and will be getting another $10 back in the mail!  Everything I got is pictured below…

This week's haul from Copp's

This week's haul from Copp's

Some highlights:

  1. Cereal, Nutrigrain, Pop Tarts, all on sale 4/$10 – doubled $1off2 MC’s = $1.50 each
  2. Eggo waffles, on sale 2/$4 – doubled $1off2 MC = $1 each
  3. Ragu, 2/$4 – doubled $1off2 MC = $1 each plus free pasta
  4. Lipton/Knorr sides, on sale $1 each – doubled $1off3 MC = 3 for $1
  5. Skippy, on sale $1.66 each – doubled $1off2 MC = $0.66 each

Today I stopped over at Festival Foods to pick up some sale items and also stumbled on a couple sale + coupon items I hadn’t planned on.  I spent $19.73 ansd saved $21.62 (52%).  For me, that is really high savings at Festival.  I usually don’t see as much savings at Festival as I do at Copps, so I’ve been buying the bulk of my groceries at Copps.  I did take advantage of the meat sale last Thursday though and stocked up some steaks and pork roasts for very cheap.  Below you’ll see what I picked up today…

IMG_5314Some highlights:

  1. Ken’s Ceasar dressing, on sale $2 – $2 MC from Tribune = FREE
  2. Pringles, on sale 2/$3 – $1off2 MC = $1 each
  3. Canned mushrooms, 50% off
  4. Tuna, 45% off
  5. Used store coupons for OJ, eggs, JIF, plates, getting all for under $4 total.

My freezer is well stocked w/ meat from consistently buying items only when they are at the best price.  I have a pantry overstock shelf in my basement which continues to be full.  I sometimes feel like I should just stop shopping for a while, and I might decide to take a week off soon.  It’s hard not to go after screening the ads and finding deals though!  I secretly hope there will be a week where it just doesn’t seem worth making the trip, so I can force myself to skip shopping for a week and save even more money!


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