I heart double coupon day

Today was definitely one of my best shopping days ever at Copps.  I got everything you see below for $25.36!

Copps Deals 4/22

Copps Deals 4/22

Sorry the picture isn’t great.  I was in a hurry!  I had just enough time to put groceries away before picking my daughter up from preschool.  I did two transactions at Copps so I could double 10 $1 MC’s.  Here are my best deals:

  1. Grande tortilla chips, on sale 2/$5, I got 3/$7.50 – (3) $1.00 MC’s doubled = 3/$1.50
  2. Steamfresh veggies, on sale 4/$5, I got 6/$7.50 – (3) $1.00 MC’s doubled = 3/$1.50
  3. GE CF lightbulbs, on sale $1.50 ea., I got 3/$4.50 – (3) $1.00 MC’s doubled = FREE plus $1.50 overage
  4. GM Cereals, 5 boxes $3 each – $2.00/5 MC – $5 deal = 5/$8, plus free milk coupon
  5. 2 FREE milk coupons, one used in each transaction = $7.00 off my total (these both rang up at $3.50 off a $1.99 gallon of milk, giving me $3.02 overage!)
  6. BC Warm Delights, on sale 2/$3 – $1.00/2 MC doubled = 2/$1
  7. S&W beans, on sale 5/$4, I got 2 for $1.60 – BOGO MC = 2/$0.80
  8. Lawry’s taco seasoning, $0.49 on sale, I got 4/$1.96 – (2) $0.50/2 MC’s = 2/$0.96

Everything else I bought was on sale, some w/ MC’s as well.  Definitely a great day for double coupons!!  I wish it was like this EVERY week.  I did two transactions to get the most for my money.  The first total came to $11.89 and I saved $30.56 (72%!!).  The second total was $13.47 and I saved $33.30 (71%!!).  I am a happy girl!

I also popped into Festival for their dollar sale.  Got another gallon of milk, vanilla ice cream, Sara Lee bread, 2lb. Braeburn apples, and hamburger buns all for $1 each.  I also picked up a 5lb. bag of ripe bananas at $0.33/lb. which I’ll use for my baking tomorrow and the rest will be mashed and frozen for future baking.  I also stumbled on a big package of ground turkey in the meat dept. for $5.  Picked up a few other necessities and used 2 MC’s.  My total there was $23.45 and I saved 41%.  Not a bad run!  That brings my overall grocery total for this week to $48.81.  I did also pick up that 10lb. package of beef from Sam’s Club, so if you add that in, my official total for this week is $71.31.  Woohoo!


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