Copps Deals for 4/22

This is the first time I’m doing this… I figured out some great deals for double coupon day, so I’m going to share them in advance.  I’m going to do two transactions this week so I can double 10 $1.00 coupons.  This Sunday we did something we haven’t done in a while; get three newspapers.  We have our subscription to the Press-Gazette, then we stopped at gas stations on our way down to visit my family and picked up a Journal-Sentinel and Tribune.  I’m so glad we did, as having multiple copies of coupons is going to pay off big this week at Copps.  Here are the deals I found…

  1. Birds Eye Steamfresh, 4/$5 – (2) $1.00/2 MC (doubled) = 4/$1.00
  2. GE CF bulbs, 2/$3 – (2) $1.00 MC (doubled) = FREE plus $1 overage
  3. Grande tortilla chips, 2/$5 – (2) $1.00 MC (doubled) = 2/$1
  4. Lawry’s taco seasoning, $0.49 x 2 = $0.98 – $0.50/2 MC (doubled) = FREE
  5. S&W beans, 5/$4, buy two for $1.60 – BOGO MC = 2/ $0.80
  6. BC Warm Delights, 2/$3 – $1/2 MC (doubled) = 2/$1 (this coupon not from Sunday’s paper)

They also have a GM cereal sale; buy 5 boxes at regular price, get $5 off plus a free milk coupon.  Get some cereal coupons online to make this a good deal, plus don’t forget about the Win Cash promotion on specially marked boxes.  I won a $5 card in my Lucky Charms last week, which will be used to help pay for this week’s groceries.  I’m also getting several other sale items.  There are a lot of good $1 items this week.  I figured out my two transactions so they are both over $25 before coupons and I can double like crazy.  I’ll let you know how my totals end up on Weds.  Happy shopping!!



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2 responses to “Copps Deals for 4/22

  1. Erin D

    Yeah multiple coupons! I take the coupons from the Sunday papers delivered to our office. It does make for some great deals if you catch a good sale and can stock up! I’ve also noticed the coupons in the Milw. paper are always a lot better than the Madison paper for some reason.

  2. ericah78

    Same thing here. The Green Bay coupons are pathetic compared to Milwaukee and Chicago. It definitely pays to pick up the “big city” papers once in a while.

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