Grocery Savings this week, 4/15

This week I got to do my grocery shopping ALONE!  It truly is a rare treat.  My husband was working from home yesterday, so I was able to run out to the grocery stores while my boys were napping.  It makes it so much easier to get my shopping done quickly, and not worry about kids getting antsy when I need a minute to look through my coupons.  If only I could do that EVERY week.  😉  My first stop was Copps.  I spent $33.94 and saved 43%.  Here were my best deals…

  1. Eggo Waffles, on sale $1.48 – $0.75 MC (doubled) = FREE
  2. Kellogg’s cereal, on sale $2.50 – $1.00 MC (doubled) = $0.50

I had more deals planned for Copps, but they were out of some of the items I wanted to buy.  I got a raincheck for one of them; 7th Generation baby wipes, on sale 2/$6 (I have $2.00 MC’s for these, making them $1 each).  Everything else I bought were good sale items and things we needed to restock.

My second stop was Festival, of course.  There I spent $47.95 and saved 44%.  I took advantage of the Buy One Get One for 5 cents coupons from the paper to stock several items.  My freezer and pantry are quite stuffed again.  I also picked up the “surprise buy” of GM cereals for $1.88/box.  Had I printed some online coupons for cereal, I probably could’ve got a better deal, but I did use a catalina to get $1.50 off 4 boxes.  If you haven’t heard yet, GM is giving away cash cards in 1 out of every 10 boxes.  I opened all four of my boxes when I got home and found at $5 card in my Lucky Charms!  Yippee!  Everything else was re-stock necessities.  Not a bad week… just over $80 total and I’m very well stocked.  The only thing I am STILL lacking is beef.  I might stop by Sam’s Club and see how their meat prices look.  Our membership ends in a few days and we’re debating whether it’s worth it to renew.  We’ve been shopping there less and less since I’ve started shopping this way.  Guess we better make up our minds soon!


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