Grocery shopping this week, 4/8

Well, I almost kept to my goal of $50 this week.  I spent $64.14 between three stores.  I decided to check out Woodman’s to see if I could get any deals on meat, on the suggestion of a friend.  Unfortunately, there were no deals to be had, so I caved and bought 2.8lb. of ground chuck at $2.99/lb.  Can’t wait til someone has a good meat sale!!!

At Festival this week, I kept my list super short.  I did buy a splurge item of a 2lb. bag of shrimp, as it was on sale for $4.98/lb. again.  The rest of my list consisted of 4 gallons milk, 2 pkg. strawberries ($1.48 w/ coupon), 8lb. bag of potatoes for $1.68 and two loaves of Sara Lee bread on sale for $1.88.  I didn’t find any sale/coupon match-ups, so I stuck to the best store price for things I knew I’d use.  My total there was $26.32 and I saved 35%.

Definitely got a lot more for my money at Copps.  My list was quite long as I had some good sale/coupon match-ups and also some items I needed because I was out of stock and I need to make a dessert for Easter Sunday.  Here are the best deals I got today…

  1. Pilsbury Pie Crust, on sale 2/$4 – $1.00MC (doubled) = 2/$2
  2. Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, on sale 4/$7, got 2/$3.50 – $1.00MC (doubled) = 2/$1.50
  3. Johnsonville breakfast sausage, on sale 2/$5 – $1.00MC (doubled) = 2/$3
  4. Betty Crocker frosting, on sale 4/$5, got 1/$1.25 – $0.55MC = $0.70
  5. Betty Crocker cake, on sale 4/$5, got 1/$1.25 – $0.75MC (doubled) = $0.25 overage

Deal #5 happened purely by accident.  I just spent several minutes trying to figure this out.  I think I accidentally gave a MC for Fruit Roll-Ups, which I did not buy, and it automatically got applied to the Betty Crocker cake.  That is my best guess.  I can’t remember having a $0.75 MC for anything else, except for printing that this morning.  My reciept says it was a coupon for my cake mix, but I looked online before shopping and could not find any cake mix coupons.  Weird.  I’ll take it though!  My mistake in forgetting to pull that coupon from my pile, plus their mistake of taking it led to a $0.25 overage.  I also picked up a few of the store specials and other necessities.  My total was $29.45 and I saved 44%.

I would definitely like to keep my shopping in this price range for the next few weeks.  A little less would be even better.  We’ll see how it goes!


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