I’m no pro, yet

I overspent this week.  Not that I’ve set a strict budget for myself, but $100 is quite a bit more than I’d like to spend in one week.  My first bit of trouble came from the fact that I got two copies of the Festival coupons this week (one set in the Sunday paper, one set in the free local paper).  The coupon prices for some of these items were just too hard to resist, so I went there twice.  The first trip I spent $36 and saved 49%.  The second trip cost $19 and I saved 54%.  Awesome savings, but I was already over $50 before going to Copps.

I debated heavily over my planned trip to Copps.  Was it worth buying cereal I didn’t need to get free milk?  Was is worth buying $10 of Suave to get $3 off my next order?  I discussed w/ my hubby and he said go for it.  I did two transactions at Copps.  The first consisted of 8 packages of chicken breasts ($1.88/lb. is definitely a good stock up price!), several Suave items, Dreamfields Pasta, and Muir Glen pasta sauce.  I misinterpreted the double coupon rule of “up to $2 value”.  I was thinking that meant you could double $2 coupons, but really it means you can double $1 coupons for a total value of $2.  I probably knew that at some point and then just confused myself somehow.  I had the Suave deal all planned out that I was going to spend $3.12 and get the $3 back.  BUT, I had $2 and $1.75 coupons that did not double (doh!), so I ended up paying $6.87 instead.  So that total came to $29.05 after double coupons for the Suave deodorant, Dreamfields, and Muir Glen.  I did save 57% though.  Upon returning home I had another “doh!” moment.  Why did I buy more shampoo and conditioner for myself (which I don’t need) when I could’ve stocked up the kids?  Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it?  My second transaction included the Kellogg’s cereal deal.  I planned to buy 3 boxes and get one gallon of milk free, doubling my $1 and $0.70 coupons.  My $1 coupons had a limited list of Kellogg’s cereal on them, so I got what I could find.  When I checked out though, my free milk coupon didn’t print!  The cashier looked over the add, ran to the cereal aisle and back, trying to figure out why.  Then she spotted the fine print, which I missed.  Boxes must be at least 12oz.  The boxes I used my $1 coupons on were only 9oz.  Dang it!  The only reason I bought the cereal and used my coupons was to make the even better deal of getting free milk out of it.  Of course I had the option to go pick out something else, go to Customer Service and try to get it all worked out, but after two runs through Copps, the boys were restless and screechy, and I just wanted to get out of that store.  I spent $15.70 after doubled coupons and saved 45%.

I know I shouldn’t be upset w/ myself, but I am.  I did get great deals and saved a ton of money, even though it wasn’t exactly what I planned.  I’ve decided I will be extra frugal the next few weeks.  My pantry is full, and my overflow shelf in the basement is also nearly full.  My freezer and fridge are both full as well.  We have more than enough food to last quite a while.  I even made a “Do Not Buy” list on my fridge to remind myself which items I need to avoid purchasing, even if there’s a good deal.

img_43001The only thing I’m lacking entirely is ground beef.  I’ve been waiting for a good price and haven’t found it yet.  I just used my last pound this week, so we’ll be w/o red meat for a little bit.  I’m going to be super strict w/ myself next week.  I will only buy what is needed!  I swear!  Or, at least try to keep it under $50!  🙂  Here’s hoping I follow through…



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4 responses to “I’m no pro, yet

  1. Mariah

    I like the “Do not buy list”. I need one of those.

    Tip on Festival – the weekly coupons can be found on their website or you can ask for a copy at the service desk.

  2. ericah78

    The list has gotten a little longer since I took the picture. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the tip Mariah!!

  3. Isn’t it great to have a long do NOT buy list instead of a NEED to buy list on the fridge?!

    Whenever I have a deal go bad, or think of something I could have done differently, I always get mad at myself too!! 🙂

    I haven’t seen a REALLY good ground beef sale in a LONG time. We just bought a quarter cow. It didn’t really save us much as far as ground beef goes but we got a good deal on the steaks and roasts. We had no room in our freezer so we bought another one…hmmm…that didn’t sound too frugal did it!?!

  4. ericah78

    Shelly, you have 5 boys. You’re going to NEED that freezer. 🙂

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