Good coupon deals at Wal-Mart

I don’t generally shop at Wal-Mart, but a few days ago MoneySavingMom posted a list of free/cheap items that I couldn’t resist.  There were a lot of high value coupons matching up w/ current low prices.  My planned list consisted of 13 items that I planned to pay $3.33 plus tax OOP.  Unfortunately, my store did not carry several of the items on my list, mainly organic/green type items that are probably not too common in my neck of the woods.  Oh well.  Still got a great deal on the items I did find.  Here’s what I bought for $2.50 after using $8 in coupons…

img_4270I paid just $0.48 and $0.98 for the YoPlus, $0.67 for the YoKids, $0.22 for the Luden’s, and made $0.03 on each of the Buddies soaps.  Many of the couponing gals I know or whose blogs I read LOVE getting the Buddies soaps for free, so I thought it was about time I picked some of these up.  Wal-Mart regularly has these priced for $0.97 and there are often $1 coupons for Johnson’s Buddies, so that’s free soap for your kids whenever there’s a coupon.  I have yet to try them out, so I hope I like them!  If I do, you can bet I’ll be picking up free bars of soap until my kids no longer need them!


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  1. Good job! Even if you don’t like the Buddies (we think they smell good but leave the water cloudy) still get them. They are great for donations! I have so many of these I have to donate some every once in awhile or they start falling out of the closet. 🙂 See you Thursday.

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