Still saving…

Things have been a bit busy lately but just wanted to make note that I’m still doing pretty well on the money saving front.  I got some great deals at CVS the last couple weeks, although I did spend some money there since it wasn’t all ECB deals.  I’ve been stocking up on Pull-Ups since they had some good sale prices and the boys are starting to potty train.  So, even though I haven’t been walking out of there only spending $2 for 3 bags of stuff, I’ve still been getting more for my money than if I’d shopped elsewhere.  On the grocery front, I spent about $80 last week.  A bit more than I expected, but I restocked some items we’d run out of and bought a few extras for the freezer.  That’s still a good $30-40 less than I normally spend, so that was fine with me!  I’m planning to do my grocery shopping tomorrow, but still have to make a list and figure out some meals using what I already have on hand.  That will keep my busy later tonight!  I’m not expecting any huge bargains this week, but I think my grocery list is going to be pretty short, which is always good!


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