Merrily Saving Along…

After loading up my freezer with meat last week and continually stocking my pantry with only the best deals, I was able to shop on the cheap this week.  I bought milk, yogurt, produce, and a few stock-up items that had good deals and only spent $32 on groceries for this week.  It’s looking like that’s all I will need to do next week as well.  I have so much stocked up I can just shop at home!  I’m loving this!!  Now I just need an extra shelving unit to put by my freezer in the basement for when my pantry gets a little too full.  Right now I have a collection of cereal boxes and breakfast bars on top of my fridge.  Both Copps and Festival have some good dollar deals this week, so I grabbed a couple of those.  I also got the super cheap milk at Copps and did the cereal deal they have this week; buy 5 boxes of GM, get $5 off your total plus a coupon for a free gallon of milk (of course I stacked coupons w/ that deal!).  With the sales and coupons I saved 42% at Copps and 43% at Festival, and w/ only $32 out of my pocket between two stores, I still came home with 5 bags of groceries.



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3 responses to “Merrily Saving Along…

  1. Erin D

    Egads! You are turning into a pro at this!

  2. Angie

    did you know you can freeze your cereal? So, if your freezer isn’t too full from all that meat, throw some of that cereal in there!

  3. ericah78

    I did not know that. We go through cereal pretty fast around here though, so the boxes that were on top of the fridge have now made their way to the pantry. Plus, my freezer’s been getting pretty stocked up with meat and other items lately so I don’t think I could squeeze cereal boxes in there! Thanks for sharing the tip Angie!

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