What couponing has done to my pantry

The well stocked pantry

The well stocked pantry

Inner section of the pantry

Inner section of the pantry

Since I began couponing and shopping for the best deals, my pantry has become so well stocked, I’m often not sure where to put everything.  Initially we were still spending the same amount of money on groceries, just coming home with a lot more in our shopping bags.  Now that my pantry is almost ready to overflow, the spending is slowing down and I’m finding that there is less I need to buy each week when I go shopping.  I am starting to plan my menus around what’s on hand instead of making a menu and then shopping for it.  Lately I’ve only needed to buy things like milk, bread, meat, and produce, so I’m hoping to keep that going for a while.  I’ve only bought dry goods and canned goods that have deals to good to pass up the last few weeks.  Hopefully I will start to see our credit card bill shrinking each month as I spend less and less per week on groceries.  Yay!



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2 responses to “What couponing has done to my pantry

  1. WOW! That is one awesome pantry!!

    The key (for me anyway) is just what you said plan menus based on what you have NOT plan the menu then shop. The last two months I’ve taken a week off grocery shopping (except for milk & produce) and that has really brought my monthly grocery total down!

    You should really cross-post your money saving posts on GB Savers! Just email them to shellyshown.gbsavers@blogger.com or you know what…I’ll add you as a author then you can just post them directly! Just cut and paste the whole post or even if you just want to say “I wrote a post about my pantry click here to read it” that would be helpful! It would really encourage everyone to see your success!

  2. ericah78

    Thanks Shelly! I will give it a try soon!

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