Credit Cards

Just thought I’d quickly share how we use our credit card to our advantage.  MoneySavingMom advocates not having any credit cards and paying cash for everything so that you stick to a strict budget.  I disagree.  Even with a credit card, you can stick to a budget, as long as you don’t make frivolous purchases (not that we haven’t!).  In fact, using a credit card for your every day purchases is convenient and can save you money!  The key is to have a rewards card.  My husband and I have a flexible rewards card that earns us points for every dollar we spend.  We use it for everything; gas, groceries, eating out, clothing, holiday shopping, etc.  We always pay the full balance every month, so we never have any interest charges.  We can redeem points for gift cards, airline miles, gift items, and even cash back.  Two years ago we redeemed our points for gift cards to some of our favorite stores.  Last year, we had enough points that we were able to get a good amount of cash back.  They sent us a check in the mail that went straight into our bank account.  It was awesome!  I rarely ever have any cash in my wallet.  The card is just so much more convenient.  So, as long as you’re smart enough not to use a credit card to buy things you can’t really afford, then why not use one that will earn you rewards?  Makes sense to me!


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