Baking day

Taking a cue from MoneySavingMom, I’m trying to incorporate a baking day into my weekly routine.  I think it’s going to always be either Thursday or Friday depending on how the week is going and when I get my shopping done.  Those are my least busy days of the week, so I think I’ll just let it fall on whichever day works better.  I won’t go quite to the extent that MoneySavingMom does though.  She likes to make a ton of breakfast items from scratch and stock her freezer for the coming two weeks as well as prepare some items for lunches/dinners, like rice and beans.  If I could spend my whole day in the kitchen, I might consider that, but usually I can only take a little time in the afternoon during the boys’ nap.  For me, baking day might be one or two from-scratch items, and possibly some boxed items if there’s something I get on sale/coupon.  Last week I made some homemade chocolate chip banana bread and some boxed muffins.  Today I’m baking pumpkin bread and some break n’ bake cookies.  I like to grab the break n’ bake cookie dough when it’s on sale + coupon.  They’re just a nice quick and easy treat!  I do have ingredients for some homemade cookies I’ve been wanting to make, but we’ll see how ambitious I feel.  I also have some buttermilk leftover from my banana bread, so if I have enough time, I might try to find a recipe to use it up, maybe some pancakes I can freeze.  I’ll let you know how I do…


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  1. I’ll be waiting for your update! 🙂 Post pictures if you can! Even if I can’t taste the pumpkin bread (my favorite!) then I can at least see it! 🙂 When will they invent scratch and sniff blogs??

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