Baking Day Results

My baking day ended up going a little differently than planned.  I started out popping the cookies in the oven, and then started to assemble the ingredients for my pumpkin bread.  I was short one egg!  My recipe calls for four and I only had three left.  Bad planning on my part, especially since I was at two grocery stores this morning and eggs never crossed my mind!  So, I decided to jump online and visit my favorite recipe site.  Since I had that buttermilk to use up, I decided to do a search on all recipes that include buttermilk.  I found two that sounded good, and would only require the three eggs I had left!  So, I made Irish Soda Bread and Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Everything seems to have turned out very well, but the true test will be taste!  The red velvet cupcakes turned out pretty brown.  I didn’t have liquid food coloring, but I had the concentrated paste, so I just guessed on the amount.  Obviously it wasn’t enough because the 1/3 cup of cocoa powder took over the coloring.  Doesn’t matter though, they’ll still be yummy even if they’re not red!  I can’t wait to enjoy my fresh bread with the pasta dinner I have planned for tonight and cupcakes for dessert!  (I’ll add pics later when my cupcakes are frosted!)


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