The holiday fun we did have

I know my last post seemed all doom and gloom, so here’s a list of fun little tidbits from the holiday season…

The boys quickly learned who Santa is and were often heard saying, “Santa, ho, ho, ho!”.  I even taught them to say “Merry Christmas”.  It would be impossible to try to write it the way they pronounce it, but it is just so cute.

Even though the boys “knew” Santa, they were still afraid of him.  We went to visit him at the Fox River Mall in Appleton.  The whole time we waited in line, the boys were excited, but when it was their turn to meet him, “Santa, ho, ho, ho!” turned into “No Santa, no Santa!”.  Brian and I ended up sitting on each side of Santa, holding the boys on our laps, while Em sat on Santa’s lap for an impromptu group photo.  The kids expressions in the picture are priceless.  Not happy, not sad, just kind of indifferent.  A slight improvement from the forlorn faces in last year’s photo.

Emily had a Christmas program at preschool.  I unfortunately missed the beginning of it as the boys were not feeling well and the weather was terrible, but I did get to see her class sing “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.  I got that on video as well as the surprise visit with Santa.  The kids all got to talk to Santa individually and they all got a gift; the book, “If You Take a Mouse to the Movies”.  It was really cute and I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

I really enjoyed my baking day this year.  It was postponed a couple times, but I really got a lot done on the 23rd.  I made chocolate truffles, mini cheesecake bites, mini pumpkin breads, chocolate chip cookies, thin mint cookies, and beer bread.  Emily helped sprinkle the truffles, and she and Brian both helped with the mini cheesecakes.  I spent the whole day in the kitchen.  It was messy, fun, and delicious.

The kids got bikes from Santa this year.  Some people gave us a hard time about that since they can’t ride them until Spring, but we didn’t care.  That is what Emily really wanted and we decided the boys should have bikes also.  The boys are not quite tall enough to reach the pedals, but they should be by Spring.  Emily has far outgrown the tricycle, so she was overdue for a “big girl” bike.  They all got helmets as well.  The kids were so thrilled, they kept asking to put their helmets on and sit on their bikes in the living room.  Brian even gave them a couple rides in the hallway.  The bikes are now sitting quietly in the basement, but I think it will be like Christmas morning all over again when we have our first warm spring day and we take the bikes outside for the first time.

The kids really got spoiled again this year, between their grandparents, aunt and uncle, and Santa.  They still have gifts coming from Aunt Carey and Uncle Steve as well when we can finally get together.  They are all old enough now that gift opening is a lot of fun and they get so excited.  Sam kept saying “Oooh!”  and “Wow!” every time he’d open something.  They got a lot of fun toys and new clothes, and I can honestly say they are enjoying everything they got.  I haven’t seen a single item ignored.

Aunt Angie and Uncle Rob got the kids Hal and Holly Moose from Build-a-Bear Workshop for Christmas.  Angie left them unstuffed, so on New Year’s Day, she and I took the kids to BABW and got them stuffed.  The trip to the mall was a bit stressful, but the kids had fun and have slept with their moose every night since.

New Year’s Eve we got to enjoy all the yummy food that was supposed to be served on Christmas Eve.  It was a good thing that most of it was freezer friendly!  We also stayed up late watching movies after the kids went to bed, so it was nice to just hang out and relax.  I even had a drink!  Shocking, I know.  🙂

This past Saturday, Emily and I finally got to build our gingerbread house.  I had bought one of the Wilton pre-baked kits on Black Friday and had planned to build it with her before Christmas.  With everything that happened, we just never got to it.  Finally, we had a lazy Saturday, so she and I built and decorated it together.  It turned out great and since Sunday we’ve all been breaking off pieces of it for dessert.  It’s actually quite good!


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