I was Bitten at Steve & Barry’s

My GBAMOM friend Shelly wrote a post about the Steve & Barry’s store closing sale, so my hubby and I decided to go check it out on Friday.  I didn’t think they’d have much left since they’re down to the 60-80% off prices, but we thought it might be worth a shot.  We ended up spending almost THREE HOURS in that store!  We got clothes for the entire family at rock bottom prices.  Most pieces were only $2-3.  We filled 7 or 8 extra large shopping bags with all of our loot and spent $196.  I finally have a decent spring/summer wardrobe and FINALLY cleared a ton of clothes out of my closet that don’t fit.  Most of the clothes I got were Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Her line is great and I’m sad that Steve & Barry’s won’t be around anymore to get more in the future!  Maybe another store will carry it someday.  Until then I will enjoy the 5 pairs of Chinos, sweater, jacket, and too many shirts to count that I picked up.  $196 might sound like a lot, but if you saw the sheer volume of items, and that EVERYONE in the family got multiple items, it seems like nothing.  It was yet another great find that saved us money as we start stocking up on bigger sizes for the kids and replace items that are worn out or no longer fit.  That was the most fun I think I’ve ever had shopping for clothes.


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