Really expensive popsicles

Sunday afternoon we were out doing some shopping.  We were bumming around Linens N’ Things to see if there were any good deals in the store closing sale.  The kids were all tired from the long day of shopping, so we had two carts, with a boy in each one.  Out of the blue, Joshua started crying with his fingers in his mouth.  We figured his two year molars must be coming in and bothering him, but on closer inspection discovered that he was bleeding from the mouth and had a gaping hole in his tongue!  How could this happen?  The boy was just sitting in the cart, doing nothing.  Thinking back to the last store we were in, Josh did get a shove from Emily that caused him to fall and bump his head on a rack.  If he bit his tongue so hard that he gashed it open in that store, why did it take so long for it to bother him?  I wish I knew!  His tongue looked so bad we were afraid he’d need it stitched shut so we high-tailed it out of the store and went straight to the nearest emergency room.  Joshua kept chewing on his tongue as we waited, and it made me nauseous to watch him.  The smell of blood on his breath didn’t help with my queasy stomach either.  When we finally got to see the dr., he recommended that we do nothing because putting a stitch in his tongue would be a huge ordeal and more traumatic than helpful.  Since the tongue usually heals quickly he suggested pain management and soft foods.  So, the nurse brought us four popsicles, cuz you can’t give just one kid a popsicle and not the other two.  I got the bonus fourth popsicle, as they were in two-packs.  After the messy popsicles were finished they brought Josh some Tylenol for the pain and sent us home.  On the way out, Brian couldn’t help but remark, “Those were some very expensive popsicles.”  It really sucks to go to the ER and basically have nothing done, but better to be safe than sorry.  Josh had a rough night and ended up only being able to eat pudding for dinner.  He spent the rest of the evening snuggled with me in the recliner with blankets and his plush puppy until he fell asleep.  His tongue must have healed quite a bit overnight though.  He’s been eating a ton since Monday morning and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  The cut still looks really bad, but I’m glad he’s feeling good.  I’m dreading that popsicle bill…



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3 responses to “Really expensive popsicles

  1. Eeep! Glad Josh is doing better, and sorry to hear about the incoming popsicle bill 😦

  2. Shannon

    Ouch. Glad he’s feeling better. At least our emergency room bill included one staple in Alex’s head, not just a couple of 25 cent popsicles! But like you said, better safe than sorry. You have have boys, you’re going to end up with injuries.

  3. Joanna G

    Been there, done that. I hope he’s healing quick.

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