My son, the cannibal

Joshua had me in stitches last night.  He combined two of his favorite activities into one; naming face parts and pretend eating.  This resulted in a hilarious pretend cannibalism.  Josh, seated on my lap with plastic toy spoon in hand, would name a part of my face and then pretend to scoop it off with the spoon and then eat it.  I sat through several minutes of “Cheek!”, scoop, eat, smile, “Chin!”, scoop, eat, smile, “Eye!”, scoop, eat, smile.  He really gets into the pretend eating.  He makes a big chomp sound on the spoon and a gulp when he swallows, acting like his spoonful of air is really some satisfying meal.  He does this daily with Emily’s toy dishes and food.  The kids enjoy the pretend cooking and eating so much, we moved the kitchen set into the living room for easy access.  There are some days that I am constantly served pretend meals of hamburger with a banana and an egg, and other appetizing combinations of plastic and wooden food.  It’s always cute, and funny because they are not satisfied unless I pretend to eat every piece of food and empty dish that is presented to me.  But the face eating was by far the most hilarious so far.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  What a silly goose!


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  1. Lisa Smith

    That’s hilarious! That would be great to get on video!

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