Tuesdays are tough

Survived another busy Tuesday.  Taking the kids and myself to the Y twice in one day, along with fitting in the chores and my work from home job in between is exhausting.  Spent most of my dance class this morning taking 5 little girls to the bathroom in two separate trips.  Football went smoothly and quickly though.  Then tonight, Basketball was exhausting as usual (the boys in that class are a handful!), but KinderGym was fun and more laid back with just three little ones in that class.  I really enjoy my job and the kids are fun, but going twice in one day takes a lot out of me.  I think it’s the dragging my own kids along that makes it hard.  It would be much easier if I only had to worry about getting myself ready to go.  I look forward to the day when I can just tell all the kids to get in the car and they can climb in their own seats and buckle their own belts!  Can’t complain too loudly though.  How many places can you go to work where you get free child care?  Not many!  So, I’ll suck it up and keep dragging us all over there, because; a) it gets us out of the house, b) it gives me a break from the kids, c) it gives the kids a chance to play with others and get used to being with other caregivers, and d) the Y really is a great place for me and my family.

We’ve been getting take-out every Tuesday when I get off work to save me from having to cook after such a long day, but we still don’t get to eat dinner until about 8:00.  Then the kids still need baths before bed, so they’re up a bit later than they should be.  Emily didn’t make it to her shower tonight.  She passed out on the couch while Brian and I were getting the boys ready for bed.  Just like her father, there’s no waking her once she’s out.  I can wake her just enough to get her to use the bathroom before I put her in bed and that’s it.  She’s getting pretty difficult to carry.  She’s so tall for her age and getting pretty heavy for me to lift.  It won’t be long before I can’t pick her up any more!  Now that all the kids are asleep, Brian is passed out on the couch, still suffering from jet-lag.  He keeps waking up really early in the morning, so he’s been exhausted at night.  At least tonight he was able to stay awake long enough to help get the kids to bed, so there’s a little progress.  I’m pretty exhausted myself, so I better get some sleep.  Got a little girl to wake early tomorrow morning so she can shower before school!


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