Last week

So, last week, my hubby went off to Europe on a business trip.  I didn’t mention it while he was gone because, well, you never know who might be reading your blog.  Call me paranoid if you want.  I get that from my mother.  🙂  It was a really long week.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad until about Thursday.  That’s when the loneliness really took over and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  The kids were especially naughty on Thursday morning and at that point I was so tired of dealing with everything by myself that I actually broke down.  I don’t know how single parents do it.  After five days on my own, I felt overwhelmed by just getting through until Saturday night when I’d finally have my husband back at home.  My backup, my support, my partner, my best friend.  It’s amazing how when you miss someone, you realize how much harder your life would be without them.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  It’s been a long time since I hugged my husband as tightly as I did when I picked him up at the airport.  Having him away made me realize that we really do need to invest more time in each other.  When you have three kids, they kind of take over your life.  It’s easy to lose each other in the every day business of raising a family.  We’ve had very little time for each other lately and after our time apart, I am really longing for some time devoted to just us.  With any luck, we’ll find some time, some day soon I hope, to go out, just the two of us, for a nice evening alone.  We deserve it.  We need it.  So… why am I sitting here blogging instead of spending a little quiet time with the hubby now that the kids are in bed?  Well, it’s this little thing called jet-lag.  Brian’s still a bit messed up from the time change.  He managed to stay awake long enough to watch our beloved Heroes tonight and then had to go pass out in bed.  Hopefully by the end of the week he’ll be adjusted back to our time zone and all will be well.

Brian had a great trip, by the way.  He got to spend one day sightseeing in Paris and hit all the main stops he wanted to make; the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame.  He spent two more days in Lyon, France before heading to Germany where he spent time in Bremen and Wilhelmshaven.  He bought me a gorgeous oil painting in Paris, done by an art student there.  It’s a really romantic scene of a couple walking together in Paris, fall colors on a tree, flower pots by the shop doors.  I was quite impressed by his selection.  It’s exactly what I would have picked.  He also picked up some neat toy cars for the boys in Germany and bought Emily a replica of the Brementown Musicians statue.  I remembered learning about that folk tale ages ago, but couldn’t remember it, so I looked it up online and actually found a narrated story book that Emily watched with me so she would know the story behind her gift.  She thought it was pretty cool.  Then, of course, he picked up some German chocolates which we’ll save for their stockings since they have Santa on the box.

And now, I’m off to bed myself.  I’m still pretty tired from my week alone.  I tend to stay up really late when Brian’s away so that I’ll pass out from exhaustion when I go to bed.  That way I don’t lie awake wondering what every little creak and groan in the house is.  🙂  Funny how you don’t notice that stuff when you have your big, strong hubby lying next to you at night!



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2 responses to “Last week

  1. I do the same thing. Stay up way too late at night when Eric’s away so I’ll fall asleep fast. Then I’m exhausted by the time he comes back. Fortunately, he doesn’t go away too often.

    I was so overwhelmed on Friday morning at the thought of having to take care of just one almost-3 year old from 7am until at least 8pm (while 6 months pregnant), that I called my daycare lady at 8:30 nearly in tears and dropped Alex off with her from 9-5. I absolutely cannot image 5 days straight of being completely on my own with one child, let alone 3!

  2. i am glad Brian had a great trip, and now have returned home, safe and sound! Have no idea how you managed with three kids on your own – I can’t handle mine lately even when Bill IS around! Time to up the meds, methinks….

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