Today was a busy one.  I am so tired and it’s not over yet.  This morning I worked at the Y, then went to vote (thankfully no line!).  Got home early enough to let the kids play outside while I raked off the front porch and driveway for the 10th time before making lunch.  Put in almost 3 hrs. working from home this afternoon, then had to get the boys up from their nap, feed everyone a snack, prep for my YMCA classes and head out the door again.  My KinderSports class wore me out tonight.  At least I got a good workout!  I was stressing about that class as I have an autistic student and things did not go well last week.  I had no warning and no information to prepare me, so the way I had structured the class activities last week did not work at all and it was pretty much a disaster.  Thankfully, after getting some helpful info from the boy’s mother and planning more tightly structured activities, class went much better tonight.  It probably also helped that only 4 of my 7 students were there.  Then I taught KinderGym, took the kids to pick up some McD’s for dinner, got everyone fed and had a little playtime before getting the boys off to bed, getting Em a shower and off to bed, and coming back to the computer to finish up the work I started this afternoon.  Been listening to the election coverage on the TV while sitting at the computer tonight, so at least I could overhear the results.  Now I gotta drag my butt outside to take out the garbage…  It is going to feel soooo good to crawl into bed tonight!



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2 responses to “Exhausted

  1. I have no idea how you do it. Last night Bill had to work late, so I was alone with the kids after Mel left around 8 pm. Ended up yelling at the two older ones and putting them to bed at 8:30. On the plus side, they did fall asleep. On the minus side, I feel like a total failure as a parent.

  2. ericah78

    You’re not the only one who feels that way. I wish I could get through a day without yelling at my kids! The patience level is a lot lower on days like yesterday. Thank goodness Tuesday is the only day that is so busy for me!

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