My tongue hurts

Had a cute and funny moment turn into a big ouch tonight.  I was getting Josh dressed for bed and he decided to run away from me shirtless.  So, in a silly attempt to get him to come back for his shirt, I pretended that it was now my shirt and I started to put it on my head.  Just at the moment when I had the shirt in front of my face with my head tipped down, Joshua charged at me and slammed his head into mine.  I swear, that was the most painful headbutt I’ve ever felt, and on top of that he made me bite my tongue so hard that it got cut in three or four places.  I don’t know if it was the angle at which his head hit mine or what, but I was instantly in tears from the burning pain in my head.  Josh, of course, was also in tears, though he seemed to recover a lot quicker than I did.  And Sam joined in the cry-fest, with some sympathy tears for the both of us.  I felt like such a baby afterward, but that really hurt!  I ran to the bathroom to discover my bleeding tongue, which still hurts.  I guess that’s what I get for stealing Joshua’s shirt.  Let that be a lesson to me!



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3 responses to “My tongue hurts

  1. Eeeep. The Hidden Hazards of Babies. At least he did not break your nose:-)

  2. Shannon

    Ouch. I got head-butted by Alex just yesterday when I bent down to pick something up and he picked that exact same moment to move towards me and jump up! So I know from recent experience just how hard it is to comfort someone who just hurt you!

  3. ericah78

    I’m pretty sure the kids have already caused some small breaks in the nose from those nice baby head flings. You know, when you hold them on your lap and they suddenly fling themselves backwards and slam their head into your nose and you hear a lovely cracking sound? My nose has some weird ridges that I don’t remember it having a few years ago. 🙂

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