Things I don’t want to forget

Seems like time is flying by lately and the twins are growing and changing so fast, that its easy to forget all those cute little things they do as they move from one stage to the next.  I thought it would be a good idea to just jot down a few things they are doing right now.

1.  Josh is my lover boy.  At the table during meals, he’ll say “Mama” to get my attention and then make a kissy face.  When I clean him up, he’ll grab my arm and kiss it.  And sometimes he’ll climb up on me just to give me a hug.  He really is a sweetie and I can definitely see him breaking a few hearts in the future.

2.  Sam is still the talker.  He tries to repeat anything you ask him to say.  Emily and I both got him to count to ten the other day.  He’s also trying to put a lot of two-word phrases together and there’s usually a pause in the middle, which is so cute.  It just shows how hard that little brain is working.

3.  The boys really love their books right now.  They sometimes request the same book over and over.  They’re even getting choosy, saying “no” or “uh-uh” as I list off book titles when picking out their bedtime story, until I get to one they want to hear.  Everytime I read Goodnight Moon, Josh says “hello” when I say “telephone”.  They get really excited about the bear sneeze in Bear Snores On (my favorite to read).  They always repeat the word “cheese” and say “na-night” when I read I Love You, Goodnight.  I love when they snuggle up with me in the living room for a story.  It’s a nice replacement for missing those days of snuggling warm newborns.

4.  Their pronunciation of words cracks me up.  My favorite is the way Sam says “uncle”.  It sounds like “Oh-toh” and he always uses a funny voice to make it sound low and rough.  Josh has a new one that I love as well.  When we pass the farm near our house he always yells out “Hee-Hee!” when he sees the horses.  They both call Emily, “Emmy”, which will probably be her name to them for a very long time.  We’ve used it as a nickname as well.  Neither of them can make the hard “c” or “s” sounds yet, so no “c” words yet, like “car” and neither can say Sam’s name.  They both call each other “Doshy”. They call grandpa, “bupbah”, and grandma is “bamma”.  It’s really funny when they get confused and use the wrong title.

5.  When the twins are giggling together, or when there is total quiet, there is trouble.  I absolutely love the sound of them giggling and I hate to end it because it doesn’t happen often between the two of them on their own.  But whenever it happens, it’s because they’re getting into mischief!  Just the other day, the cause of incessant giggling was dipping a found dryer sheet in my glass of water I’d forgotten in the living room, and then whipping the wet dryer sheet around in the air, sprinkling water all over the room.  Must’ve been a lot of fun, because they were laughing like crazy.

6.  They love their big sister.  There are times, of course, when she doesn’t want them around, or they get angry with her.  But, when they actually play together, it is blissful.  Those boys would follow Emily to the moon.  They just think she is the best.  They get excited when we go pick her up from preschool.  After a couple days of getting used to the routine, Josh stared clapping and saying, “Yay, Emmy!” as we’d pull into the parking lot.  When she’s swimming in the pool at the Y, they stand by the glass windows, yelling her name (and entertaining the other parents in the lobby).  They always have to say “na-night” or “buh-bye” to her at naptime.  I really hope that my kids grow up to be close to each other.

7.  Sam has this adorable sing-songy way of saying “buh-bye”.  It melts my heart every time.

8.  Josh has been singing.  Sometimes it’s just “la, la, la”, but lately he’s been singing the tune from his Little People School Bus, which is the same tune as “This Old Man/Knick-Knack”.

The boys are tons of fun.  I was so scared when I found out I was having twins and now I wonder, what the heck was I afraid of?  I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  They are truly two bundles of joy with their own unique little personalities.  I can’t believe they are about to turn 2 in just over a month.  They really do grow too fast.  Pretty soon we’ll be on to speaking in phrases and potty training!  I look forward to all the changes ahead, but there are definitely days when I wish they could stay little just a bit longer.


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