CVS deals of the day

Due to the craziness of this week, I didn’t make it to CVS on Monday like I’ve been doing.  I made it there today though!  Last week, the magic coupon machine gave me a free $25 gift card with new or transferred prescription.  So, after my dr. appointment on Tuesday, I got the gift card!  So, all of my purchases today were FREE!!  Gotta love that!  Here’s what I did:

Bought Always Infinity for 4.98, used $2 ECB’s, paid 2.98 (+tax) on gift card, got 4.98 ECB’s

Bought Bic Soliel Razor for 5.99-2.00MC, 2 Speed Stick for 3.98-0.50MC, used 4.98 ECB’s, paid 2.49 (+tax) on gift card, earned 6.00 ECB’s.

Bought 2 Mega packs of Playskool Diapers at 10.99 each-$4off$20 Playskool coupon, Bic Soleil blades for 5.99-2.00MC, Colgate MaxFresh for 2.99-1.00MC, used $5off$30 coupon, used 6.00 ECB’s, paid 12.96 (+tax) on gift card, earned 6.00 ECB’s.

I still have over $5 left on the gift card and have $6 in extra bucks, so I’d say that’s pretty good.  Especially considering that if I had paid just the sale prices for everything, the total would be over $45.  I spent less than $20 off my gift card.  Making deals and paying for it with a free gift card feels oh so good!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!  Well, I could sneak a peek at  🙂

(For those unfamiliar with the CVS lingo, check out, or for more info)


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