CVS rocks!

Just a quick note to let you know that CVS has more than redeemed itself since that one bad night of deal making.  I’ve been getting lots of great deals and I did get a price adjustment for that overcharged item.  I also now have a favorite cashier, as I’ve started making my trips to CVS on Monday mornings after I drop off Em at preschool.  She’s always there, recognizes me now, especially since I come in with the boys in the double stroller.  She always cheers me on as she rings up all my coupons and ECB’s and earn more ECB’s for my next trip.  Then she fawns over the boys and tells them what a smart shopper their mom is.  🙂  Just an extra added bonus that makes it even more fun!  If you haven’t heard, CVS has a great deal this week to get a discount on the IronMan DVD.  My hubby really wanted this one, so I bought Always at 2/$6, Secret at 2/$5, Old Spice deodorant at 2/$5, and Pantene shampoo and conditioner for $3.33 each.  I had coupons for every single item, so I ended up spending quite a bit less than the required $20 purchase to get my $10 off the DVD.  That was a fun deal to make!  And now my hubby will be happy to come home and watch his new movie tonight!


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