CVS didn’t like me tonight

Had a bad CVS run tonight (which is why I’m sitting here typing when I should be sleeping).  I had three transactions planned out.  The first one was messed up right off the bat because one of the items on my list was out of stock.  So, I found a replacement item on my list (body wash) which would get me one ECB less, but I was okay with that.  Well, it turned out that I messed up.  I had to get two body washes to get the 2 ECB’s.  I only spent $1.19, but I only earned back $2 instead of the $4 I was expecting.  So, I changed my second transaction to add another body wash with some other stuff on my list to get that $2.  I ended up spending $4.54 on that one, expecting 4ECB’s back.  Well, the body wash ECB’s didn’t print!  The cashier and assistant manager looked at my reciepts and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work.  So, they gave me $2 from the register.  Then, as the store was technically closed, I rushed to do my final transaction for the night.  I wanted to try out the Neutrogena Wave.  One of the monthly specials is if you spend $15 on Neutrogena you get $5 back.  I got $5 in coupons online, had a $4off$20 coupon I got in an email from CVS, and used my 2 ECB’s and $2 in cash, which brought my total down to $10.91.  Not bad considering the original total that rang up was $24.24.  And my 5 ECB’s did print for my next trip.  HOWEVER, when I got home I realized I was overcharged!  The Wave was supposed to be $13.99, but rang up at $14.99.  So, now I have to get a price adjustment!  Oh, AND when I gave the gal my $4off$20 coupon, she told me the computer said I’d already used it today and couldn’t use it again.  What???  I just printed it today, only ONE copy, and that was it.  She typed something and made it go through.  So, as the title states, CVS did NOT like me tonight.  Oh well.  I guess this deal making stuff is not for the faint of heart!


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